The tenth of these Avatar Tales thingys! I hadn't planned on doing the Blue G-Team member this soon after Red, but my zOMG! Clan's weekly dress up theme was blue, so I figured "Why the hell not?" Unlike Red, this one came together relatively quickly. I toyed around with the idea of loading him up with some background items, like Black, but I wasn't really happy with anything I had available, so I guess he's thematically closer to the Red one. They're all part of the same team though.


G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Blue

From frozen waters of Jupiter's moon, Europa, comes the hero.. G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Blue! With aquatic powers and abilities from Terrestial and otherworldly sea creatures, and wielding a rapier carved from the bones of the last space narwhal, G-Team Space Ninja Ranger Blue joins his henshin teammates in their never ending battle against the forces of evil!

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