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Q u i c k I n f o

Name: Mochi
Gender: Male
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 18
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: White, fluffy and messy
Body: Small in general, though has a fair amount of muscle. 5'4".
Outfits: Likes fur, and bulky clothes that make him look bigger (lol).
Personality: Hyper, enthusiastic, social, protective of friends
Likes: being with friends, outdoors, cold weather, moving around
Dislikes: being alone, being bored, sitting still

D e t a i l s

• Is a lot stronger than he looks, has beaten up people who made the mistake of picking a fight with him or his friends (or called him small,short,etc.)
• Is actually pretty smart, but sometimes becomes close to failing because he finds homework too boring and refuses to do it.
• Drummer of M.M.Chasers (discovered his natural talent for drums since it was a perfect way to release his seemingly endless energy).

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Dandy :
Mochi and Dandy are childhood friends and almost like brothers. Mochi still sees Dandy as his 'little brother' (nevermind the fact that Dandy is now a head taller than him), and is rather protective of him. They do almost everything together, although it's usually Mochi dragging Dandy around but because of Dandy's easygoing nature, he doesn't mind at all. They were the ones to start the M.M.Chasers after being inspired by playing hours of Rockband.

Garua :
Mochi and Garua's first meeting was rather rocky as Mochi almost beat up Garua thinking she was sexually harassing Dandy with the way she was dressed. After clearing things up they eventually became friends though Mochi still resents the fact that Garua is half a head taller than him. They also share a common interest in sports and sometimes go to the gym together.

Susali :
The object of his desires, mostly because she's the only girl he knows that's shorter than him and has a sweet personality. He tries to impress Susali by being the buff manly man he is but usually ends up with a crack in his heart when she laughs and comments on how 'cute' he is.

Motoru :
Mochi is bitter that Motoru has the girl of his dreams, constantly trying to show off and be better than him. Motoru doesn't really pay attention to or notice his attempts though (much like susali). They seem to get along fine in the band when Susali's not around (because Mochi can't focus on 2 things at once so when he's making music he totally forgets about Susali).

Geromi :
The newbie in the band, but can kind of relate in a way since he hasn't been playing his instrument for that long either. Doesn't really know him that well.

Azure :
Annoying tall girl in his class. Doesn't actually have a problem with her though, other than her height. She keeps him entertained with pointless arguments.

Dexter :
His exposure to Dexter's singing was minimalized since he's on drums, so his view of Dexter's singing skills aren't AS bad as other people's. Doesn't really care for him in general.