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Q u i c k I n f o

Name: Garua
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 17
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Dark brown, often has blonde or black highlights/streaks. Long (up to waist), but bottom layer is thin and usually tied back. Tips of ears and back of tail are black.
Body: Lean, slightly tanned (not dark). Definitely not flat cough. Tall for a girl, 5'8".
Outfits: Likes to show a healthy amount of skin, belts, anything that gives off a 'cool' vibe.
Personality: Probably manlier than half of guys she knows, though she's fully aware of being female, and proud of it. Gives off a leader-aura but actually doesn't like being depended on, afraid of letting others down.
Likes: fashion, sports, music, shopping, food, helping others
Dislikes: being mistaken for a man, being a leader

D e t a i l s

• She tried dressing girly for a while until someone mistook her for a man in drag, now she just settles for showing a lot of skin instead, hoping people would get the hint. (tends to stay away from girly clothes at all cost now due to said traumatic experience).
• Somewhat interested in & good at fashion design, designed/made some of her clothes herself, but she can't draw to save her life.
• Guitarist & costume designer of M.M.Chasers

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Dandy :
Garua met Dandy in an art class when he randomly sat next to her one day. They didn't really talk at first but eventually they found that they had many things in common and became good friends. She likes having Dandy model her clothes for her and playing music with him.

Mochi :
Garua and Mochi had a rocky start since Mochi randomly assaulted her when she was talking to Dandy outside of class. After clearing up any misunderstandings, she came to be rather fond of Mochi and his endless energy and enthusiasm, finding herself an exercise buddy. He's probably the manliest guy she knows and would probably date him if he was a foot taller.

Susali :
Befriended Susali in art class where she helped Garua not fail out of the class. She finds Susali's art skills admirable and helpful when Susali helps her tweak her base figures for her designs as well as other works. She has a chance to let her inner girlyness out when making cute outfits for Susali.

Motoru :
Finds it annoying when Motoru refuses to wear her outfits for their band performances. She takes care to make his costumes extra-manly and cover more skin than her usual designs. If Motoru insists on being difficult, she isn't afraid to get Susali to help persuade him. They don't talk much outside of the band.

Geromi :
Garua and Geromi dated for a while until she got to know him better and found out that he was practically girlier than her girly side and decided she could only ever like him as a friend. They did remain friends though, and Garua sometimes feels bad for Geromi and is generally nice to him.

Azure :
Despite their common interest in fashion, their tastes seem to completely clash. Garua thinks that Azure is shallow and a sheep for following only the latest fashion trends from magazines, while Garua prefers to just stick to her own style. Has a feeling that Azure really (really) doesn't like her, but the feeling's mutual.

Dexter :
The nerdlet that follows Azure around, never had any business with him.