User ImageAge: 23
Home: Tokyo
Height and weight: 172 cm / 58 kg (convert)
Features: Short Tom-boy black hair. Brown eyes. Always short trimmed nails. Averagely busty yet keeps herself tied tight when not clubbing. Loves to drink when in a place she can trust and feel safe.
Weapons of choice: No-Dachi blade with wakizaki back up. Any feasible weapon around her.
Training; No professional training. Spent life in street gangs most her younger life. Learned to fight for herself the hard way.
Skills: Talking herself out of any situation as well as getting what she wants from the opposite sex. Using what's around her to protect herself and the others arounder her.
Disadvantages: Although loves the use of her blades she is no match against a trained master. Secret weaknesses! ( lol I ain't gonna give away every way to beat her)
Back story: Her father worked in a factory, her mother made cheap yukata and work clothing selling it out of their own home. Her family was always tight on money which was most of the cause of her fathers drunkenness. Which made the financial only worse. At the age 13 she was raped by her father and ran away from home. Living on the streets she joined a small at the time all male street gang sleeping with the 17 year old leader. Being the bosses lady she got a lot of perks and went far in the way of the streets at a very young age. At 16 she began to race bikes and became know as the She-Devil of Shinjuku. Her small frame and guts of steel made her better then most men. She was not one for combat though infill a gang war broke out after a small rumble with the two top gangs of Tokyo. By this time she was named #2 in the gang though many in it felt it was only because of her boyfriend. They were greatly mistaken though when within a month the Tangu Tiger was killed. With no leader the shinjuku street gang had some inner tension. Yui knew she was to step up but the majority male group didn't all agree. A day after taking command yui was attacked by a follow team member. She brutally killed the man using a glass sake bottle And the young man's own knife. At that moment the group knew her strength. The entire 3 years the tiger taught her how to defend herself. After all she was quite the beauty and wasn't always there to protect her. With great tenacity she took charge of the gang and ended the war in victory going straight for the kill and not waiting for fights to start on the streets. She became the most powerful women in the Tokyo street gang world making pacts and alliances with surrounding gangs and taking those out that threatened her. One day though an allied gang betrayed her and she was severely injured. It also turned out her own gang set her wishing her out of power. A friend of hers had a connect with yakuza though and was able to find her hospitality as well as a new home in exchange for loyalty.