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        Q u i c k I n f o

        name: azure
        age: seventeen
        eyes: grey
        hair: orange
        body: skinny model body, but not that big boobies. 5'8"
        outfits: huge wardrobe. anything cute and stylish.
        personality: acts ditzy, surprisingly nice sometimes, eager to please others
        likes: acts like she's a fashion queen, but secretly is actually somewhat dorky, and likes to read literary novels and play fighting mmorpg's (world of warcraft, halo, etc), favorite color is azure, clothes, geromi
        dislikes: gross things, her old self, being made fun of.

        E x t r a D e t a i l s

        • in middle school she used to be made fun of, had really thick glasses and was tall and chubby and antisocial. she decided she wanted to change all that for high school, so she worked out like crazy and got all the fashion magazines.
        • she has a facade of being an airheaded popular girl, but she's actually a nerd.
        • she hates her real name (olga), and b***h slaps anyone who dares call her by it. (now that she's cool and pretty, everyone just calls her azure).
        • azure can't sew for s**t, so she buys all her clothes from fashion magazines. she works 2 part-time jobs in order to have the funds to do so. (modeling & fast food)

        R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        Susali :
        She is jealous of Susali for having all the hot men around her (Geromi, Motoru, etc). Azure still finds Susali nice and really sweet, and can't withstand her friendliness, so they are friends (also, this way she gets insider information on Geromi LOL).

        Motoru :
        Lead singers in a band are always loved. Too bad Motoru is taken by Susali, or Azure would totally have googly eyes for him. Also, Motoru is a bit too shadey and emo/quiet for her. She prefers Geromi's simple-minded outgoing nature. She's never really talked to him, but no matter. Who cares if he has a hot voice. Geromi is still manlier okay.

        Geromi :
        Azure is infatuated beyond belief for Geromi, who to her, seems like the perfect man. He's tall, he's nice, he's talkative, he's hot. (Too bad she doesn't know that he's also, you know, gay.) So she made this club, WAGs, and its population is Azure and Dexter, but that's okay, because that means more Geromi for her! She stalks him stalking Susali and Motoru all the time, and finds that super sexy. ("He is so cute! So protective of his sister bawww" wink When she tries to talk to him, however, she gets completely tongue tied and reverts to her old, loserish self. She loathes herself when that happens, because her goal in life is to marry Geromi.

        Dexter :
        She sees her old self in Dexter, and somehow pities and despises him for that. But Dexter is like a barnacle who sticks to her wherever she goes. At first, she thought it was extremely annoying, and verbally abused him. After a while, she started considering thinking about him as an important friend (minion). Azure relentlessly bosses Dex around, and sometimes recruits him to do the dirty work of stalking Geromi. She would never admit it, but now she thinks of Dex as an all right kind of guy, and her closest friend.

        Azure abhors Garua because of their differing fashion styles. Azure gets all the latest fashion clothing, while Garua's designs are more like, punky and "gross". (However, she finds all the clothes that Garua makes Geromi very sexy.) One day she heard from Susali that Garua used to go out with Geromi, but that she DUMPED HIM. This added to her hatred of Garua, like srsly who could GIVE UP that hot and sexy piece of a**, Garua must be mental and therefore not to be trusted. They clash like crazy, and are into totally different things, but perhaps if Azure was true to herself (and acted like the nerd she was), they would be best friends for life.

        An annoying little pipsqueak in the same class as her. They aren't really friends, but they don't hate each other either. They kind of just argue with each other just for fun, like "who's your mother, a dinosaur?", "oh sorry midget, i didn't see you there".

        She doesn't really know him.