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^ art by ruisuu

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        Q u i c k I n f o

        name: geromi
        age: seventeen
        eyes: sky blue
        hair: black, straightish bangs, streak of reddish-pink hair (not pink like susali/motoru's)
        body: around 6ft, nicely built. skinny and tall.
        outfits: good fashion sense, but dresses casually
        personality: a bit spoiled, pretty innocent except he likes to swear and flip people off, happy-go-lucky
        likes: stalking susali & motoru, daydreaming about motoru, music, window shopping.
        dislikes: bugs, W.A.G (we adore geromi), dark places

        E x t r a D e t a i l s

        • his pink streak is redder than susali and motoru's. (he wanted to join their little hair streak gang but they got it together and he was forced to go alone. and he got the color wrong LOL)
        • sometimes he tries to be manly to earn moto's respect (since he sees that moto likes music so much), so he puts on death metal really loud, even though he hates it.
        • he's pretty slow (stupid) and often doesn't know what is going on. his mind is simple and one tracked, and in that way he is kind of like a puppy dog or a little kid who wants candy (aka motoru).
        • the 2nd guitarist in M.M.Chasers

        R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        Susali :
        She's his older twin sister. They get along as well as siblings can, with occasional fights over small things. Their mother used to dress them up in the same clothes, and usually preferred the girly frilly stuff, so as children both Susali and Geromi would get all dressed up in cute little matching dresses. (He used to get teased about this a lot as a kid, and a lot of teachers would mistake him to be the wrong gender). He feels very connected to his twin, even though they are in love with the same guy.

        Motoru :
        Geromi sees Motoru as his ideal soulmate. Unfortunately, Motoru only sees him as Susali's younger brother. Geromi constantly tries to catch his attention, but alas, Motoru only has eyes for Geromi's twin sister. He flirts with Motoru ALL the time, but only getting the opposite result he wanted, because now Motoru is kind of scared of him and tries to run the opposite direction when he sees Geromi around. What a tragedy. Poor Geromi has to see his crushie hold hands and smoochie with his twin all the time, and the back of Motoru running away from him whenever Geromi approaches.

        Azure :
        He sees Azure as a cool girl to be around, and adores her fashion sense. They would be like, BFFFLs, if Azure didn't have a giant a** crush on him and like, start stuttering like crazy every time he tries to talk to her. He is unaware of this crush, however, and doesn't know that Azure is the president of the "We Adore Geromi" fanclub.

        Dexter :
        Dexter is always ordered by Azure to take stalker pictures of Geromi, but one time Geromi caught him because Dex forgot to turn off the flash while in the bushes next to Geromi's bathroom window. Ever since this incident, he has hated Dex with a passion, seeing him as a weirdo stalker. Geromi thinks that Dex is the brains behind "WAG", and after trying unsuccessfully to convince Dex to end WAG, now just ignores him and sees him as a loser geek with bad fashion sense.

        The only girl he could ever be romantically interested in. He really loves how headstrong and tough she is, but when Garua found out how much of a girly man he is, she shot him down. This broke him, and he thought he would never be able to recover, until he saw Motoru. Garua and Geromi are still friends, and she taught him how to play guitar.

        The cool drummer in the band. He doesn't really know him, but wouldn't mind getting to know him better. A little too hyper for his tastes, though.

        They're homies. They get along very well for some reason, but that may be because Dandy is super chill and gets along with everybody. Geromi perhaps would have liked Dandy in another situation, but alas, his heart already belongs to Motoru. Dandy gave him guitar lessons too, and that is how they got close. Geromi often tells his woe-filled stories to Dandy, and Dandy just sits and listens like the Bro that he is.