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"I WILL be human one day!! So stop laughin' at me!!"

-- Sersal

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    Name: Sersal
    Age: 8-9
    Eye colour: Yellow
    Hair: Black, is mostly hidden under a hunter's cap (though tufts of it stick out from under it)
    Body type: 2 feet tall, scrawny, beak-like mouth, light grey skin, clawed hands and feet, skinny tail with purple-blue feathers, two small ivory horns, and two long ears sticking out of either side of his head
    Short personality: Energetic, naive, hopeful
    Distinguishing features: his hat, his tail, his mouth... him in general.
    Outfits: wears nothing but a red plaid hunters cap with holes cut in the sides and top for his ears and horns.
    Themesong: XXXXXXXX
    Universe: Caeglla


  • Sersal is, like most little kids, full of energy that seems to never run out. He is easily excitable (and talks very fast when excited), and tends to be a handful for most people.
  • Also like most little kids, Sersal is both naive and gullible, believing almost anything he's told. He's also quick to trust, even though he's been taken advantage of before because of it.
  • He's got a lot of dreams and knows one day they'll all come true. Only the darkest of situations can make him lose his hope.
  • Looking up to human beings has left him with a slightly less broken moral compass than most Denizen children... slightly, anyway.


  • Sersal was born a regular Denizen in the nightmare city of Caeglla. Ever since he was able to comprehend such things, he was fascinated by the human world, but knew he could never see it himself because, as a Denizen, his ties to his own world were too strong for him to be able to survive outside of it.
  • He came to the conclusion that if he wanted out, the only thing he could do was become a human himself. Among the various rumours about the lands outside the city boundaries, Sersal heard one that claimed a way to become human laid somewhere in the nothingness-- but he cannot go out there by himself. He clings to Madison's party in hopes that they will accompany him out there to search for it.


  • none atm

OTHER s**t

  • He found the hunters cap in an alleyway, seemingly discarded by somebody (aka Tanner). A bit dirty, but still perfectly wearable, Sersal cut holes in it to fit his ears and horns and now wears it all the time, thinking that since humans usually wear them, it would grant him luck in his quest.
  • Is a kind of bird-denizen, even if he doesn't look too much like it now.