the boogleloo design philosophy
i get ask quite often about making graphics and coding... so i've written it all down here... grin... hope it helps or is at least a little bit interesting... LMAO.

··· tools: photoshop cs & when required for animations imageready cs
··· my style is very much my own. *grin* i love being able to manipulate images until they are better then they started out. i'm not really into heavily brushing a graphic to death. i primarily only use my grunge brushes too help create old world looking papers and effects or single 'stamp' style brushes to enhance a graphic. *i just never could do that brushed thing very well. mine always looks like poo*

html & css coding:
··· tools: editpad lite aka notepad on steroids & dreamweaver
··· ah the joy and frustration of html & css coding. often made up of 2 parts annoying repetition and 1 part nit-picking, hair-pulling, why isn't this working torture. for me the challenge is to create the cleanest code i can and to make said code compatible across browsers. *raises fist at ie... that bane of any coders existence* i may wail & moan but there is nothing more satisfying then figuring out a tricky styling and making it rock the web!

··· tools: pencil & paper, the ole eyeballs and my vast imagination
··· my life and salvation is the designing and creating of graphics & layouts. wheither a 50x50 animated avatar or a full blown website i put everything i am into creating the best i can. people ask 'how can you sit for hours on end doing what you do' i always tell them 'how could i not'. *grin*
··· many ask how do you create a layout. i liken it to how an interior designer works... they invision what a room will look like and create a 'map' to build that 'view'. the key to good design is having an 'eye'. i've seen many people able to create interesting art but never be able to work it into a layout. it's not something that can really be learned it's something you have or you don't.