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Eves jearnal of wonderfulness! random crap that i love!^_^

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Jason ran through the dark depths of his world, a large monster crashing through the tree's behind him. He jumped from tree to tree in a lithe, elegant fashion, the monster behind him stomping and crashing through the black forest. The black leaves shuttered and wisped away into vapor as they were barged into, resuming their shape and appearance after the beast charged past. The man looked back at the enraged beast, chuckling as he gripped a black ball of swirling shadows in his hand. Jason jumped from the last tree, sailing through the black depths of the howling canyons. The man watched the ground fly towards him, glancing back to see nothing behind him. He crashed into the ground, his body ghosting into the dark dirt as to absorb his fall. He appeared a few feet forward, running out of the ground and forward. As he ran, the ground shook, the six legged beast landing and charging after him. The shadow man laughed as adrenaline rushed his black veins, his legs picking up speed. Jason ran for miles, the monster never tiring, never slowing. Then he saw it, the thing he was running for in the first place. A grin spread on his shadowy lips as he pictured his wife in his arms. There in the distance sat a large array of totem poles. The faces on them were various and gruesome. As he grew closer, it was more apparent that rather than faces, they were heads. Jason jumped over a small gap, his body phasing through an invisible wall, the wall pulsing in circles from where he entered, as if a rock had landed in a puddle. Jason skidded to a stop and grinned, turning to see the creature barreling forward. As it's rage filled eyes took in the area, it slowed and screeched to a stop at the gap, realization hitting. It howled in anger, pacing the five foot crevice. It glared at the man as he bounced the swirling ball in his hand, smirking at the creature. It snarled and reared back, fisted claws slamming against the wall. It banged against the barrier again, howling and snarling, almost as if it were fighting for it's life. A desperation dwelled in it's eyes. As well as dreadful fear. Jason turned and walked towards one of the empty poles, only three left headless. He stood before the pole, glancing back. The creature howled, digging at the wall ineffectively. Jason lifted his hand, the shadowy wisp slowly floating up. The creature froze, eyes wide as it gazed in horror. The wisp stopped at the top, floating above the pole. Small tendrils of shadows then reached out, the creatures soul reaching for it's host. The beast began to step back, shrinking back as it watched the soft, gentle tendrils reaching out for it slowly. The creature turned and ran, it's six legs carrying it far and fast. The tendrils then shot out, zipping towards it at lightning speeds. With a wrenching squeal, the creature was captured. It howled and cried out in fear as the shadowy arms latched on, dragging it back. It was pulled to it's back, thrashing as it was dragged. Jason watched silently, a dark sneer on his lips. The creature kicked and cried out, it's back spikes digging jagged lines into the ground only to be sewn together again as if nothing had happened. It then reached the gap, it's body sinking into he trench slightly as the tendrils pulled it's host closer. The creature cried out in pain, spine tingling sounds of pain and agony filling the air before it's head finally pushed past the wall. Its legs lifted, pressing against the wall, trying to pull away. Then the tendrils jerked sideways, spinning several times as it severed the creatures head. The beast went still as it's head gently lifted in the tendrils grasp, positioning above the pole before resting there. The beasts body then slowly vaporized, the shadows returning to the shadowy earth. Jason turned to the pole, pressing his hand to the black wood. "Soon my love." He said softly. "Soon." He then turned and stepped out of the wall, easily jumping over the gap and dashing off into the darkness once more.

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