So I didn't really get a whole lot done but I have to finish reading the taming of the shrew for my honors class. Besides that i got what I really needed to get done, I'll finish everything tomorrow (so the procrastinator says). Since now I have chosen my movie couple I can write about them and do the diary entry! I still have no clue how on earth that I'll be able to make a book.. but we'll see. i'm thinking I might do something like snowflakes glued to a cover of something and have it be overlapping that would be a cool textured kinda thing. However I don't have different colored paper so eh.. I'll work it out smile

Oh I finally watched Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 2 and man it was amazing. Now I really want to go read the books, though I only have up until the Order of the Phoenix. My dad bought me those books, I remember. I should definitely read them, put them to good use razz I'm definitely voting for a prequel though to talk about the parents stories which would be pretty awesome I think.