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* Age : Seventeen
* Gender : Female
* Race : Human / Hunter Hunter
* Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
* Birth Date : July 14th
* Zodiac : Cancer
* Nature : Contradictory, caring, blunt, stubborn, intelligent, .

* Eye Color : Light Plum, Dark Amythist
* Hair Color : Jay blue
* Skin Tone : Cream with very VERY slight olive tint.
* Height : 5 ft. 10 in.
* Weight : 165 lbs.

* Personality : Loud and expressive, Megumi is very well known for speaking her mind. She constantly tells her circle of friends she doesn't care about others, but she secretly takes what they say to heart. She dresses how she chooses, not really because she doesn't care about others opinions, but because she wants them to notice. Strong willed and stubborn, she won't easily be distracted from her goal. To strangers she is sort of icy, more blunt and rude then anything, but she still shows that she cares by sticking her neck out for them should the situation call for it. To friends she is more affectionate. Still blunt, though she tries to keep herself tame to keep her friends close. It's not really known how she treats her boyfriends because she's never had one.

* Biography : Born in the month of July, She ironically grew to love winter. Her father worked a desk job and her mother stayed home to raise her. She had one older brother.

At age 3 her mother and father divorced. It was a bittier separation.

At age 5 the court finally settled the divorce case and she was to live with her mother. She got her first dog, whom she names puppy.

Age 6 and she starts her first day of school. She makes her first friend, and the next day makes her first enemy.

At age 8 Cindy Landra misses one whole week of school. Megumi just thinks she's sick, because she comes back, but no one seems to notice her anymore. Megumi befriends Cindy, and people start calling her a freak.

At age 10, she starts seeing shadows in the corner of her eyes. Puppy dies, but she is still good friends with Cindy.

On her 11th birthday she meets Tenner. He's her new neighbor, and he's very nice. He notices Cindy, unlike others she knows. They quickly become good friends.

At age 12 her mother remarries. She likes Mr.Roberts, but she doesn't like his son. Her biological brother is killed in a car accident at the age of 19. She knows he is gone, but sometimes she can hear him at night, reading stories to her like he always did before bed. She is scared and confides in Tenner. Tenner doesn't judge, and easily comforts her. She thinks she may like Tenner.

At 15 Tenner moves away for a year. The only real friend she Has left is Cindy, but she hardly sees her anymore. She still hears her brother sometimes at night, and she now knows that She can speak and interact with the Dead. She tries to help wondering spirits pass onto the next world. More of the shadows in the corner of her eyes. She thinks they are shy spirits, hesitant to approch her for help. So she doesn't do anything about it.

At 16 Tenner comes back. He seems different, though he's stayed pretty much the same. She knows he has a secret, but he refuses to tell. She is angry at him and they do not speak for a month. Half way threw the school year, when it is just her and her step brother alone at the house, he tries to rape her. His eyes are empty and black, and fangs sit in his abnormally wide mouth. Black ooze spills from his mouth and he keeps hissing something about "sooooull, deliciousssss vulnerable souuuulll." He beats her and pins her, and from the corners of her eyes she can see the shadow men wiggling and dancing, drawing closer and closer. Each hissing "souuuls soullls." As he's about to take her, Tenner busts threw the door and punches him in the face. Her step brother, Jason, only knocks him away and leaps for her. She's managed to crawl her way to the kitchen and grab a knife. She manages to pierce it threw his heart as he jumped for her. Black ooze splurts from the wound and the body vanishes in a flurry of black mist. She is scared and crying. Tenner covers her in a blanket and stays with her until she cries herself to sleep. The next morning he tells her the truth. Mr.Roberts and Jason were creatures known simply as "Hunters". Demons who feed off the darkness of human souls. Mr.Roberts took her mother out the night before and she has yet to be heard from. Tenner personally killed Mr.Roberts as he was attacked by him. Tenner is also what is known as a "Hunter Hunter", a mortal person with the ability to see and fight the Hunters. He tells her that she is one like him, that she has powers to see and kill Hunters. Confused and dazed from the previous night, she stays with him at his house with his family. They can also see Hunters, but they do not fight them like Tenner does. That night she agrees to go away with him to the training academy. Not to get revenge, but to get stronger in order to find her mother.

In the summer of her 17th year, she returns to her home town with Tenner. She now lives with his family, who train her to use her abilities while she tries to lead at least a semi-normal school life. She fights the Hunters along side Tenner, and is constantly looking for clues that may lead to her mother's whereabouts.