So I guess you were reading my 'about' or at least some of you were. I'll probably post a picture of myself in my pro today or tomorrow 'cause I know you really want to see what I look like. For starters, I don't look anything like Matt. Hmmm, let's see. Oh, I haven't had breakfast yet. I better do that. Anyway, I'll give you some of my stats.

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 12-24-1989
Height: you'd laugh if you knew this
Weight: 97lbs
Hair color: looks like I dye my hair black-I don't; it's all natural
Eyes: brown
Skin: quite light
Lips: looks like I wear lipstick-I hate it
Shoe size: more laughing

How I Dress

I usually dress in that punk style. My hair isn't wildly colored or styled. It's in more of an Asain style. I like it. I wear black and white shirts but usually ones that are tight. I like wearing tight clothes. Most of my pants/jeans (I only have 4 pairs) are tight which are 3 pairs. I used to wear Converse but then I switched over to Dr. Marten's. They're really comfortable. Oh, and when it's cold out I wear one of my black jackets with zippers.


I don't want to type or think anymore. It's hurting my brain. I guess I'll go into this later.