Not going to lie, I am lucky to have landed such an awesome guy. We celebrated his birthday this weekend with his family, and we called it my second birthday, jokingly, because it included a lot of the things I enjoyed. =)

We went to my favorite Asian bistro, I introduced him to the restaurant and it has pretty good Peking duck which is why we like it. Then we kinda just went around, played games but it was enjoyable.

Unfortunately I had to work at Kumon a bunch so that put a kink in our plans but there is always his actual birthday weekend!!

I dunno, it does mean a lot how much he takes into account my happiness. Like his list of things he would enjoy would be me to be happy, it makes sense but I also have been stressed a lot lately.

Another thing is he went to the fair with me. =) I have a lot of good memories there and I enjoy the atmosphere, he doesn't so much but he still went along just to make me happy and he tried to not be down on my mood, which was very appreciated and he helped make it a good time. =)

I dunno, this weekend has really put into my perspective what a great guy he is and how... alright I am as a girlfriend ._.