I guess it's another one of those nights, isn't it? Writing like this, babbling on to whomever chooses to read this, or whomever cares to that is.

Where should I even start? I've got just about a year's worth of material to cover here, and at this hour I really should be catching up on sleep...But I can't seem to get my mind to stop ticking.
I've done a lot in the past year, I guess. I got a new job, grew my hair out, and cut it after I got bored with it. But that's not why I'm writing. I don't feel like wasting your time babbling about something so silly. The real story here is one place in particular that I went to in the last year that has once again unexpectedly transformed my life...

I'm sure you're probably aware that the last time I wrote was just to leave a blank entry on the tenth of July of last year, but I think I'll keep that one blank--just for a little while longer. The funny thing is, though, that I don't seem to care as much about that anymore. Not since I met her, anyway.
As it happened, a month after I last wrote, in August of 2014, I traveled out to Sacramento for the first time to go to an anime convention they were having out there. I kind of liked the prospect of leaving my comfort zone for once and heading out to a con in a place I'd never really been before--let alone going to a convention that wasn't Fanine, and boy was I in for the surprise of a lifetime.
Anyway, the idea started while I was still in contact with Christina. We decided to pitch in a bit and go out there together, in hopes of making it cheaper on all of us (Though in the end I ended up paying for the bulk of it). I didn't mind the idea at the time. I mean, going out to a new place with someone who I was still interested in retaining a friendship with, and her new boyfriend who I figured was a pretty cool guy at the time too, what harm could come of that right? So we all headed out to Sac Anime for the first time, and that was that.
Once we got to the convention, I pretty much did my own thing while Christina and her boyfriend did hers. I guess a part of me really didn't want to end up watching those two suck face every five minutes. They had their own things to do anyway, we were more like simple roommates than anything else. I had decided to check out a few of the games that were going on, since that's what I normally did at fanime anyway. As it happened they also had a game of cosplay chess going on, so I decided to join in the fun. If you're not sure what cosplay chess is, it's pretty much exactly as the name implies: a giant game of real life chess where someone controls the pieces, and you ARE the piece. It's a lot of fun, really, but enough about that. The real gem here would be the people I would come to know for the weekend--especially one of them in particular.
After a round or two, it was time for a scavenger hunt, so I decided I might as well stick around for that too. I didn't really know anyone though, but a few people were gracious enough to invite me to participate in their group, and that was that. We didn't win the hunt, by the way, but I definitely had fun making friends.

I should probably stop teasing at it and just tell you exactly who it was that caught my eye now, shouldn't I? Well, I'll stop beating around the bush now. Her name is Betsy. A quaint little name, right? But that's not the only adorable thing about her either. There's so much I can say, honestly. She's not just adorable; she's smart, sweet, kind hearted, considerate, so quiet and reserved just like I am, but such a wealth of beautiful thoughts beneath the surface of a beautiful young woman. I really can't say what first caught my eye, though--it just sort of happened, y'know? We started talking, I spent a bit of time with her, as if purely by instinct, and well the rest is history.
I spent most of my time acting rather oblivious to her interest in me, though. I may have come off as quite the charismatic playboy around here for the longest time, but that's really not who I am in person at all. In truth, I didn't want to make it awkward between the two of us and our potential friendship, so I held off for the weekend. Not to mention I had really all but given up on the prospect of finding a new romantic interest anyway. At the end of the final day of Sac Anime, though, after having exchanged phone numbers, she started texting me. I decided to text back, and the night before I had to leave for home, the unthinkable happened: she asked me out. And so there it was. On the 31st of August, 2014, I had found a new love interest for myself. You might say that at first I had no idea what I was getting into, as I didn't really feel any different from normal. I simply had a new friend who I was texting on a daily basis. It wasn't until about two weeks later that I was in for another surprise.
In early September, I heard from Betsy that her school would be having a field trip out to a theme park that just so happened to be in my neck of the woods, so naturally I hopped on the opportunity. I called off work that Saturday morning so I could go and see her and have our first "date" together, I guess you could call it. I had played with the idea of surprising her, but I decided against it and simply met up with her at around lunch time that day. We walked around the park for a while, and I showed her some of my favorite rides that I used to go to, although it had been quite a while since I was last there myself. As the day went on, we finally decided to sit down and at least have a drink. We sat there, on a shaded table, for probably a good hour and a half, even two hours--just talking. And you know what? I think it was right about then that it finally clicked for me. I had something special going on here. Finally, our eyes met for a brief few seconds, and I took the chance--I kissed her. Right there. Not the most romantic spot for a first kiss, I grant you, but I kind of just felt like taking a shot, and let me tell you it was completely worth it.
When the time finally came for us to part, I couldn't help feeling a bit melancholy. It wasn't quite a bad kind of sad, more like concern for Betsy, and the fact that I would be missing my girlfriend now for who knows how long a time. Regardless, she left with her school group, and I was off back home, and that was that.
Of course we managed to pull off another meeting about a month or so after that, when Betsy's parents were gracious enough to invite me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family, but I think spending that day with her at Great America is a day that will forever be engrained in my memory.

Anyway it's been a little over seven months now since we've officially started dating, I guess, and you know what? Even with all this distance--even though we're a hundred miles apart--these have been the best seven months of my life, and I could not have possibly shared them with a better person. In short, I guess you could say in the last year I've finally found everything I've ever wanted in a partner, and without even looking, too~
But then again, they say it's only after you've stopped searching for something that it finally turns up--and boy was that ever true in my case, huh?

So yeah, that's about as brief an update as I can possibly give. Betsy and I have done a lot more than just a couple of dates in the last seven months, I assure you, but I'll probably be writing more about those later. It's about time I got some sleep for right now. I'm sure I must've bored you half to sleep by now with all of this crap anyway, right? But hey, if you've managed to read this far, you can at least forgive my scatterbrained writing style and pointless ramblings, right?
Til the next time I feel like writing, I guess.
Ja ne~

~Life is Good~ <3