To what do I owe the pleasure
Did you come for an update
A pleasure poke at the universe, out of some curiosity
Or perhaps you got bored in the doldrums of your own life
Well, here it is, the moment you've been waiting for
The ultimate guide to how the soul in me is moving as of late
After two and a half years of knowing and loving me, the man
At my side has decided it would be best for us to join in union
You may be confused, as last I spoke to you I was marrying a different man
At that time
As a very young woman just two years away from a home that didn't want me
I thought myself deserving of someone willing to
Steal, lie, and cheat behind my back
And I knowingly allowed this because I honestly believed I wasn't worth anyone
I thought I would never accomplish the dreams I had, because
I was no more than a speck of dirt floating in the universe and smudging everything
You see, my confidence hat hit such a low point
Not helped by an eating disorder or the fact that my home life
Consisted of five siblings who all desperately needed my help
While I worked two jobs
While going to highschool
Now, these were things I kept to myself as not to bother you when we were kids
Because, though you thought yourself clever
I knew that even if I spoke about my life you wouldn't give a damn
Now, I know: Of course you would!
Sure, and I suppose it'd be fun to talk about that amongst all the other things
You couldn't quite say to me face to face
There came a moment where the wall surrounding my confidence broke and I realized
That I didn't need to stay in a relationship with someone who didn't treat me well
So I left the man I married to seek out other adventures and
Because I wanted to test myself and see what I could really accomplish if I tried
I realized that I could move eight hundred miles away if I wanted, and I did
I realized that I could love more deeply and more importantly
I learned that I could BE loved passionately and endlessly
I learned that sometimes people will tell me and others that I am terrible
And that though I make mistakes, I don't need to believe them
That's why you were cut away from my life
I have two kittens now
And see no need for children, though I may not be able to have them anyway
Which was another thing I learned while young, but didn't ever really tell you
The siblings I helped raise and take care of are near and dear to me
I've found myself in a position where I make as much as someone with a bachelor's degree
Without paying for one myself, keeping my finances debt free
And lastly
Someone wonderful wants to spend his life with me
I sincerely hope that you're doing well, and if you're still looking for something bad
Or if you don't believe anything I've written here, well here's some ammo for you
I've been divorced, I moved to Texas and then back to Iowa again and had a
Rather interesting love life, including but not limited to:
An ex soldier who has been in and out of my life for the last six years
A young man in Texas who was nothing short of perfect
And the man who moved up to Iowa from Texas, for me, and has taken my hand in marriage
I'm sure that's enough for you to talk to each other about for the next five or six years
And then, of course, there's the fact that I cut you out
So all you can really do is look on now and make believe that I'm unhappy

I'm not sure why I'm writing this, or why I'm here
And I don't think any of you are bad, I did really care for you once upon a time
And the goodness I saw in you years ago exists; I honestly believe that
I suppose I was feeling ornery and decided to write something mean
Because I've gotten in touch with my angry side
I suppose this is another thing you can talk about
Just for your pleasure, I'll give you more: a social worker once told me to bury all of my anger, so I never showed and tried to hide it when I was a kid
Giving me lots of issues to work through now
But I realized that things like anger can be used to defend yourself, and stand up
For your own worth
Which, I know now, I am worth being alive and being here and
I am worth the amount of love I am willing to give

There, now you've got something to really dig into and talk about
You should meet up with my stalker, I'm sure he'd love all this information
Anyway, it's a bit late
I hope you're doing well
And I hope this update will suffice for your...interesting need to speak about others