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I have nowhere else to rant but here. I'm beyond pissed/angry/upset/depressed. Why is it dat when everything seems to be amazing, something horrible gets slapped in my face?? Garebear and I were planning our vacation together. A little mini getaway from all the stress in our lives. And guess what?? IT'S RUINED. CALLED OFF. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm mad.

See the story started a little over two years ago....I got into a small fender bender while trying to avoid a little dog in the road. And by small I mean the other car barely had a noticeable dent in the fender and my car had to go into the shop.....yeah. Well the old hag I hit sued for "bodily harm" and crap like dat even though she was completely fine! She even tried to get something for the fact dat she had a blood clot in her leg and the "stress" from the accident might've made it move. -_- Not amused. So anyway, she sued our insurance company (I'm on my parents insurance and I drive my mom's car) and the situation FINALLY got settled recently....I know this because we got the insurance bill in to pay the 6 month premium....my mom's insurance shot up 1000$$ and my stepdad's shot up 500$$. We can't afford the new prices so my stepdad's lovely decision on this was to kick me off the insurance and donate me my mom's car. Mom didn't like dat and freaked the hell out (to be honest I didn't like dat plan either....), so the new plan is for me to still get kicked off of the insurance and then go and use EVERY SINGLE PENNY I OWN to buy a car and get the most basic insurance I can find. -____-

So back to why I am mad. Because I have to use every penny I have to get a new car, I won't have any funds for the vacation Garebear and I were supposed to take. And he wants to help, so he won't have any money either. And to top it off, our two year anniversary is in two weeks....and I was planning on getting him something nice........................HA can't do dat any more. And it kills me. =[ It really does. I really wish something good would happen to me right now. Garebear is a huge blessing and if it not for him I would've went insane already. But I was really looking forward to this vacation.....and our anniversary......and now it just seems like this year (which has already started off crappy) is just getting more and more crappy. :[

End ranting.....for now....I have to go cry then go to work. :[

Wow it's been forever and a day since I've been on here!!! Everything has changed!! Why? I am confused.

So how is everyone?? I know ya'll probably moved on and such but it would be nice to hear how you all are! :]

O hai! xD

My tummy is killing me and I have no clue as to why. o.< Oh I got accepted as a zOMG beta tester and I can FINALLY use dat damn ring I got at the Gaia Panal at A-kon 19. Dx It's a....crap.....I think fitness ring. Yeah. Dat. ><

So school is like killing me. I've decided to continue my major into Digital Media. BUT I want to go to nursing school. :3 UNO only has a pre-nursing option so I'm gonna do the pre reqs then try to get into nursing school. razz I r excited! it's going to be at least 3 semesters for me to get all the pre reqs in and completed. Only since I failed 1158 English I have only one chance to retake it and pass. I might have to get someone to help me. English + Kaiya = uber a** kicking. Dx It was the FIRST class I've ever failed and I only failed it was because at the end of 1158 there's this huge exit exam where you have to write an essay. Three people grade it. You can get two passes and pass or all three. But if you get one pass one maybe and a fail you have to present a challenge folder (made up but three essays you wrote during 1158 which got a C or higher). YEAH. MY CHALLENGE FOLDER HAD ONE C CAUSE DAT b***h c**t FAILED ALL MY ESSAYS EXCEPT FOR ONE. -.- Oh and if you fail the essay exit you get an F for the semester. Doesn't matter what you had during the class. You get an auto F. Which I got an F for the class....hence I failed the Essay exit. ;_; ******** English.

So.....I REALLY WANT METALLICA TICKETS. Dx They're playing in November and I really want to go see them. Dx <3 Someone give me tickets?

I'm really excited for A-kon! I have everything I need to make my Cammy costume except for the tights. Which I'm going with Megan to get eventually. xD But our 6 person trip turned into a 9 person trip. o.o;;;; Now I think I'm gonna book a suite. <3 !!! I'm so excited. We have this Street Fighter group going. biggrin And Polly and I shall be prancing around at night as Miss Apollo Justice and Miss Phoenix Wright. :3 ******** FTWWWWW.

>> SO.......YEAH. Gimme Metallica tickets and House of Shock tickets. NAO! Dx

Oh dear GOD. It's been forever since I posted here. xD Lawl lawl.

The new semester started on Monday and I only go to school on MWF. Tuesday I have a night class. >< Buuutttt. I'm already doubting my Digital Media class MAINLY because me and Macs don't get along at all. Dx The class uses Macs to do our projects and not only do I not know how to use them but I also don't think I'll be able to learn. =[ The professor asked me to turn on the computer and I just sat there. xD Macs make me feel computer retarded. ><

I have too much s**t to buy for school. Damn you books. EXPENSIVE a** BOOKS.

Going to A-kon 20. biggrin I'm cosplaying as Cammy White (street fighter) and the younger Ema Skye. Woot.

Phatom Hourglass
:3 I love it. It's such a fun game! Except for when Link pushes the stones I don't click on....then it pisses me off. xD But overall a GREAT game. I want to beat it, but I only checked it out, and it has to go back today, so I might beat it. I doubt it though.

Schools fine, when I'm not failing. Dx I'm failing math cause the easy math is TOO easy and I can never pay attention. And maybe I'm failing Human Sexual Behaviors, mostly cause I was told the test was on a DIFFERENT day. And maybe Japanese cause I bombed on the last test. >.> But dat's it. English, I think I have a B and Art....I have no idea what I have.

Lalala. I'm making a Zelda cosplay. ^^ Kory's gonna be Link and I'm going to be Zelda. I have to make Zelda's outfit but I have Links already made. I might start liking Zelda now. Dx

I'm so sorry for not updating! I know a lot of my friends check my journal to see how I'm doing! Dx So I'm updating! So much to tell!

I love the University of New Orleans! UNO is great! ^^ I love college life! So much different from High School, especially the crap High School I went to. I'm making lots of friends who like anime! So dat's nice! I'm also cutting ties to fake friends. :3 So no more drama. I also fit in better here. No one looks at me weirdly cause I dress differently, no one cares dat I own a DS and play it in class, no one cares dat I wear bright red converses! ^^ It's great! Though I'm still getting use to the fact dat I don't have to ask to go to the restroom. XDDD

My Fine arts class is great! The teacher made us draw a chair! Mine came out great, I'm going to post it on my Deviantart soon! ^^ Cheryl is a great teacher!

My Japanese class is amazing! Noriko sensee is adorable! The first day of class she walked in the room and the first thing out of her mouth was "is this my class?" XD Plus I share the class with Khrystal and Daphne. So I'm not alone. she makes us take an online quiz every week. It's great cause you can use your book for it and everything. ^^ And everyone in there likes anime!

My Human Sexual Behaviors class really disappointed me. =[ When I signed up for the class, I expected to have the original teacher Dr. King. But of course, he retired. So his SA (Student Assistant) Allyson took over. She's so boring! Dx And so mean! crying Like there was a thing Dr. King would say "Everyone has had sex with Dr. King" but Allyson is like "I don't want people saying they had sex with me". Ugh! She's just really boring and the class is not fun.

Survey of Mathematical Thought....yeah. Omgee at dat class. The first day I went she went over BAR GRAPHS: "This is a Bar Graph...it's made of BARS and GAPS. This is what it looks like. This is a CIRCLE GRAPH, more commonly known as a PIE CHART." Dx I sit in dat class thinking WTF!? Yesterday we learned NUMBER SETS. You know the : {10,5} s**t. -.- Oh well...at least it's not Trig.

English 1157 is very....interesting. xD Just for the fact dat the teacher hates the book they made us buy. She hasn't taught the class in years and vollunteered for it. Just wow.

Of course my English class is in the LA building and I went to the bathroom there the other day...yeah...FEMALE URINALS! I'm not ******** joking either. Me and Daphne went in and one of the stalls had a sideways urinal. D: I was like....WTF?! She cracked up laughing. Yesterday I actually got the nerve and used it. XDDDD I was like "I USED A URINAL!!!!" Of course before I flushed I actually thought about maybe they weren't supposed to be used....but the toilet flushed so hey. Who cares.

-Kills keyboards crappy shift key.- I've actually become more active on Gaia recently. ^^ I'm happy about this. Because I forgot how enjoyable Gaia used to be.

So....leave me comments! ^^

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I'm starting up two of my old quests. My Horns quest and my AFK quest.

Oh god...this will take forever seeing as how I need to make over 3 mil. Anyone want to help a poor girl out? ^^ I'll draw avi art! Pl0x?

Mah birthday is coming up. 3nodding

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