Hey today i'm confused cry sad crying eek cause the guy i meet on the bus i just wanted to say hi to him and see how he was doing then he sents me an meassage saying ******** hey oh wat do you want. Which means his really mad and upset and i have no idea why. Well i'm sure I do but i don't know why so i'm not going 2 call him, text him, or anythig like that any more today until he cools off. Hey I may not even go 2 school tommrow cause of it and if I do I know one thing I wont text him or talk to him at all. I wont even ask his sister for her phone at all so I can talk to him. I'm so confused cry eek sad crying right know I have no idea what to do but I know one thing I'll always heart him no matter what. And i'll wait for him for ever.