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History and Memories
A recollection of historical and emotional events to my account and other accounts. I've been here for quite a long time to recapture such events.
( 寂 Project Jaku)
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Passive - Shock Absorber/Energizer
Shock Absorber: Jaku's core processor emits a strong but very compact energy shield called the Zero Escutcheon.
This ability allows him to withstand 10 gigatons of pressure without any alteration to his position and or significant damage, but only for one attack.
Once this ability is used up, one of two programs are available for usage before Jaku's Zero Escutcheon recharges in 3 turns:

Active Passive - Yojan Strike
The shock emitted from a said amount of pressure done to the Zero Escutcheon charges Jaku's body - this activation allows him to hit back with twice that force.
Either piercing straight through his enemies (If they're a grunt.) or simply sending them flying outward for one attack.

Active Passive 2 - Greased Lightning
The shock emitted from a said amount of pressure done to the Zero Escutcheon charges Jaku's body - this activation allows him to expedite his abilities, attack,and mobility.
Energizer: With every successful ability in use, Jaku charges a portion of his Energy Capacitor.
His Energy Capacitor can be filled up to five times before heading into Overdrive; Once in Overdrive, a majority Jaku's abilities are locked.
In order to relieve this status, Jaku must use the available Empowered abilities but still endure an additional turn of locked abilities as a consequence.
All Empowered Abilities except for Chain Lightning drain the Energy Capacitor completely.

Ability one - Levin Indigate
Jaku directs a hand into one position and clutches it, before releasing it and nudging his arm back to fire a bolt of electricity.
When equipped with his blade, Jaku runs his hand along the edge of his blade to create the same effect.
If directed from the blade, the strikes become far more precise.

Charge and release - Tempest Escallade
By crossing his arms and flaunting both of his hands in the opposite direction, he may hold the electrical charge in place.
Upon setting both arms to his sides with force, he releases an explosion of electricity to fan out from his back to his desired target.

Ability two - Shockwave
By striking the ground, Jaku produces a shockwave in a dome which knocks enemies back.
If Electrify is active during the time he punches the ground - an Electromagnetic pulse is sent.

Ability Three - Flash Bomb
Jaku motions his hands together powerfully in a thunder clap and produces sound, blinding light, and heat.
This effect of the light disrupts perceptive technology and dazes lifeforms for a turn.

Ability Four (Roleplay) - Electrify
With the forceful flick of a wrist, Jaku electrifies anything that is within his grasp.
If an object is not conducted, small bolts will bounce all along an object before reaching something that can; Conductive resources intensify the shock of this ability.

Ability Five - Ball Lightning
Jaku creates a quick ball of pure energy within his hands.
If Jaku would let go of his Ball Lightning it would drift very slowly, unless pushed with force by a non-conductive surface or his hands.
If an enemy would run into his Ball Lightning, they would be stunned at the point of impact.
Jaku can Shunpo to his Ball Lightning.

Ability Six - Rain of Kunai
By filling both hands with a reasonable amount of Kunais, Jaku fires a barrage of them in one location.
This ability may work in tandem with Electrify, causing each Kunai to emit a huge static burst upon impact.

Ability Seven - Blue Jet
Shortly after using Shunpo, Jaku may quickly dash to any given direction.
The consequence of using this ability may use up one of the portions in his Energy Capacitor - he may not use this ability if he has not filled it to at least one.

Ability Eight - Shunpo
Allows Jaku to flash teleport to very short distances and even targets, this ability may not be activated thrice in one instance.

Empowered Ability One - Riaju's Torace
This ability can only be activated on Overdrive.
Jaku's Energy Capacitor reaches Overdrive and Jaku activates and empowered version of Greased Lightning, as he slices and dices at accelerated speeds.
During the course of this action, he becomes impervious to attacks as he phases in and out of existence to slash at his opponent.
This ability does not require the Shock Absorber to be dispersed.

Empowered Ability Two - Chain Lightning
This ability may only be activated when Jaku's engaging his opponent in mid-sprint or mid-fall.
Once Jaku's Energy Capacitor has been filled, he may activate an improved form of Shunpo and explode into a flash of light - scattering into many static replicas and becoming un-targettable briefly.
During the course that this happens, Jaku may travel the sporadic path of electricity while controlling each clone to reach a certain area.
Jaku may control all static replicas in any way for one turn; This ability kick-starts Overdrive.

Empowered Ability Three - Gigantic Jet
This ability is an empowered version of Blue Jet which skyrockets Jaku with a huge electrical flux, tearing the sound barrier with his flight.
This ability can only be used once Jaku's Energy Capacitor becomes completely full as it drains all the energy within his capacitor.
This ability may only be used going upwards.

Pathetic Fallacies
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Pathetic Fallacies
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