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New OC!
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Theme Song:: Tranquilize by The Killers
Name:: Josephine Fitzhugh Henley
Alias:: Lady Miasma
Age:: Twenty-six
Gender:: Female
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Sky Blue
Height:: Five foot six inches
Scarring:: A cigar burn on the top of her left hand.
Clothing:: You have all the artistic license in the world when it comes to her dress, just keep it purple.
Trademarks:: White gloves.
Attitude:: Cold, uncaring, and manipulative.
Faults:: Twisted sense of humour, lactose intolerant, over sensitive when it comes to her mother, and afraid of lightening.
Bio:: When Josephine's parents Mercy Ann and Joesph Fitzhugh Henley found out they were to have a child, they both prayed it would be a little baby boy. Nine months passed and the beautiful woman bore a healthy baby girl, the exact resemblance of her father. The husband was crushed, but the mother looked into her daughters face and fell in love all over again.

Joesph was the royal armies chief interrogator, a man adept in torture, and had been accused of having no heart. It seemed as the young daughter slowly grew her heart beat matched the same cool intensity as his. The two didn't love each other, but they both cared for Mercy Ann like she was the queen herself.

At age eleven Josephine's mother died, it was a simple cold that went wrong quickly. Left with only the servants, father, and infamous aunt to raise her she girl became beautiful and cold. Five years later she caught the eye of a young Duke as a ball, the courtship was short and the two was wed in the early spring.

The relationship became rocky quickly, John Wesley Buttercrest lost interest and began to treat Josephine with less respect that she believed was necessary. When she spoke to her father, he simple smiled and told her, "You've watched me for years, you know what to do." Looking up at his twisted smile she knew exactly what he meant, quickly the same expression dance up on her face.

Four days later when a servant came to wake the sleeping couple up the maid's voice broke in a scream. Beside Josephine her beloved husband was dead, eyes staring at the ceiling, looking beyond this Earth. It was ruled a natural death, since nothing unusual could be found.

A widow at the the ripe age of sixteen and a half it didn't take long for the woman of the Buttercrest manor to find herself several more suitors. At the matured age of eighteen Josephine was proposed to again and she accepted with a cool smile. Enoch Willimser Smith was a wealthy merchant with a penchant of strong liquor.

The two lived in relative turbulence for a year until the lady of the manor went to town on business, while she was out Josephine had a small accident. It wasn't much, but it caused her to be hospitalized overnight where she met a tall, flustered doctor by the name of Luther Gus Williams.

They shared light conversation and the doctor found himself infatuated with the simple mannerisms of the nineteen year old lady. Several months later in the summer he found a invitation to attend a ball at the Buttercrest Manor, also known now as the Williams family's summer house. The night was filled with wine, dancing, and good company.

As the guests were leaving Luther found himself being called to the study, being told Lady Josephine wished to have a word with him. In the closed door of the room she burst into tears, telling stories off how awful Enoch was to her. The distressed woman struck a chord with Luther and he vowed to help her.

Husband two was now gone and out of the picture. Soon a third husband came and went. It didn't take long in the underground for the woman to get a new name, Lady Miasma. Her flawless ability to kill soon became sought after and for the right price. Money, beauty, and connections she was nearly untouchable.

On the other hand poor Luther was becoming a lap dog, lying about the deaths when things did get messy. His finger prints was on nothing, but the paper work, but inside him is felt like he was the one who brought their lives to an end.

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