I'm an individual, to the point where I'm an extremist.
I shall do and think how I want for as long as I believe it.
I can be asocial person who never shuts up, because this is what I believe in.
I'm getting closer happy, but also depressed, because that's how I perceived it.
I will be an altruist to my friends, because I need to believe in them.
I always love her even if she does not think or know it.
I try not a hipster or a non-conformist, because I do not believe these movements.
I will always be a to be Martyr, rather then a murderer as I choose it.
Society hates me, but I hate it too and I choose this.
I will not don a uniform that I do not believe in.
I will not worship a god that I too not believe in.
I am not afraid of what I don't believe in.
Nor am I afraid of anything to begin with because I choose it.
I will choose how I die for I believe in it.
And I will not live for you if I didn't choose it.
I will be Klasvich, because I choose him.
So ******** you, because I chose this for I believe it.