Okay, so this guy I work with is one of my best friends. We have a lot of the same tastes and interests. He'd a tad older but I'm a bit more grounded, seriously the guys a spaze. That aside my cousin (also relatively the same age.) recently got married and my friend has been spending a lot of time with my cousins new sister-in-law. I don't blame him, she's pretty damn cute. But she's also a fad vegetarian. She has no dietary needs that prevent her from eating meat, and no reasons either. That's madness in my mind. In any case so my buddies spending quite a bit of time with her recently and one day at work we got on the subject of girlfriends. I'm single, plan to be for a while, he was asking if I wanted help gettin' set up with any friends or such. I told him; "Na, don't have the money for a girlfriend right now." So he says; "Ya but then you'd have somebody to do the dishes for you!" It was great. The timing was perfect... and as far as I'm concerned it's sound reasoning. That's it, no nothing exciting but I though it was funny.