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Avaline's Study This journal is a source of information about Avaline Fitheach, my Gaia OC, with the character profile serving as a central hub. Updates can happen at any time, since I'm mostly making it up as I go along.

Avaline Fitheach
Community Member
Avaline Fitheach Gaia OC

General Info:

Name: Avaline Fitheach

Age: Around 135 years old.

Race: Vampire - NOT from Gaia; a world-hopper.

Birthday: May 13th, 1881.

Height: 4'10"

Body Type: Skinny to the point of being waifish, with sunken cheeks. Exceptionally pale complexion, with shadows around her sunken eyes.

Eye Color: Red.

Additional Features: Gorgeous feminine profile - which is severely undercut by how unhealthy she looks. A few scars that can be concealed by clothing - trophies of close-quarter battles with vampire hunters she respected well enough to not pull a gun on. Fangs that never retract. Generally wears black lipstick.


Shapeshifting: She can take the form of a raven. And only a raven. It came down to a choice of only one animal, and she chose a bird that's common enough to be inconspicuous. A steep learning curve was also part and parcel of the ability, and she had to know a lot about a raven's morphology and anatomy first.

Enhanced strength: As strong as twenty strong men combined.

Enhanced speed: Faster than even the fastest ordinary human. Only a speedster on her level or higher can keep up with her.

Enhanced reflexes: Very agile, with inhuman fine motor dexterity on the side.

Dark Arts proficiency: Since she arrived in the world of Gaia, she developed a working knowledge of several different forms of black magic - most notably, necromancy. All of it came as a requirement of her line of work, since she has to be knowledgeable about the Dark Arts to cater to its practitioners as successfully as she does.


Garlic is an effective repellent, and both the bulbs and flowers can be used. Symbols, charms, and items that provide proof of religious faith will also repel her. She can't cross any barrier that has been marked with a paste made from holy water and powdered communion wafers, which both have the power to burn her skin. She could be slain with a stake, provided it's driven into her properly; white oak preferred, but ash also works. Decapitation and immolation would also be fatal.

Sunlight will not harm her, but she can't shapeshift during the day, and she becomes sleepy and lethargic until sundown. She can muster the strength of will to get through a work day, but just barely, in most cases. Sundays and major holidays are spent locked inside her bedroom from sunrise to sunset, resting in a state of torpor halfway between sleep and death.

However, she casts both a reflection and a shadow, and will show up in pictures and film. She does not need an invitation to cross a threshold, and traveling over a body of water isn't a problem. She does not have arithmomania or any other obsessive compulsions that can be used to distract her. And she does not need to sleep in a coffin filled with soil from the place of her rebirth - a bed will suffice.

Town / Home: Lives in Barton Town's suburban development area, in a large house dubbed the Rookery.

Occupation: Self-employed. Owns and operates a candle and Dark Arts emporium called Wykid Wyx. It actually turns a very generous profit and draws in some big names. One of her best customers was a very wealthy and very important player in Durem's criminal underground.

Family and Friends:

* Her clowder of undead Skello Kitties, raised by accident but adored just the same.
* Ian, fellow shopkeeper and object of a hidden crush.
* Rina, proprietor of her favorite cafe.
* Leon, Captain of the Barton Regulars, who is sometimes called upon to ensure anything far too dangerous to sell won't fall into the wrong hands.

Likes: Blood, candles, customers, and her car, which is a Possum.

Dislikes: Garlic, crosses, wooden stakes, and body glitter.

"My name is Avaline Fitheach, Ava for short. I live in Barton Town, where I work in my shop, Wykid Wyx - a quaint little candle and black magic supply store on the northwest side of town, not far from The Music Box. I've got a whole shelf in the back with multiple copies of the books apprentice necromancers will need, arranged in order of difficulty from top to bottom - including the quintessential beginner's spell book, Spirit Summoning, by Coverra Umbrace. It's not just books, though. Runes, scrolls, artifacts, reagents, and, of course, candles - I have it all as long as it can be safely handled by a knowledgeable practitioner, and I've personally tested everything I have to offer to make sure it’s genuine.

Yeah, I’m a vampire. Any differences between me and the other vampires you’ve probably seen around town or in Durem can be chalked up to the fact that I’m not from anywhere in the world of Gaia at all. It’s a complicated arrangement, and I don’t know all of the details of it, but the short version is that I’m one of two types of vampire from another planet, Earth, and came to Gaia on an invitation from this world’s patron goddess herself.

My full story is very long and filled with choices I’ve come to regret making, but for reasons that I really don’t want to discuss so openly, let’s just say I was a vagabond until receiving that invitation. After being turned into a vampire, but until receiving that invitation, I had to exist in the shadows and murder innocent humans on a regular basis. I had no home or family, and made no lasting friendships with anybody. I didn’t really have a place in any of the nests I sometimes stayed with on a temporary basis, and I’ve never felt a strong desire to create one of my own. Truth be told, I felt out of place everywhere, even in the places that seemed like they would be logical choices for a weary vampire.

A new and completely unexpected door opened for me in 2007 when Gaia’s rough equivalent on Earth set up a meeting with her, after taking a personal interest in me and my loneliness that nobody saw coming - except for Him, of course. It wasn’t all kittens and sunshine for the first few months, but things got a lot easier after Vladimir Von Helson launched his invasion to settle a personal score. After that mess blew over, my priorities shifted from living by a familiar set of rules to finding a job and a real home, and adjusting to the opportunities that came with being able to come out into the open. After traveling through every town I could think of living in, Barton was the only one that really resonated with me. I found my calling as a shop-keep selling candles and black magic supplies not long after deciding on where to live, and, well, here I am. I hope that answers any questions you might have."

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