So I'm sorry about my longer dissapearances lately, I've been busy with school, a lot, shopping too, because I've became addicted to it , yep...

My father has been infected with that damn lysceosis or how ever they call it in english, he isnt as sick as some are, nor is he near death, but he's still in danger due to his cardiac weakness. Another one of my cat died, second in a month ;_;

Yet, I'm too busy to be sad. Too stressed to eat too, but thats all right, I've been losing weight, which was still needed , i'd say another 15 pounds and I'm set D: I'll give it a week at this rate~~ rofl I'm kidding o 3o

Anyway, yeah , I'll be around during the weakend when I'm doing homeworks and such, I will not be on during the week often... Unless I get a laptop, but thats a think twice: I only have abour 6k left to my name. And I'm unemployed at the moment.

I love you all <3 and I dream about a few (very few) of you :3 rofl xD