People's Wishlists

Hooded Fighter
Bloody Godina
Bloody Counterfeit Widow
Bloody Fighter
Ambriel's Black Blood Wings
Hardhearted Passion
Garage Band Sweetheart
Midnight Castletown
Wendy's ReminiscenceRegal Battina
Baroness Chimes Reprise
Catch Meow
Trendy Pageturner
Starlight Amadea
Eternal Chesed
Rude Tattle Tale
Mademoiselle Rouge Noire
Not Tomorrow
Timeless Amadea
Melancholy Raine
Valiant Bonnie
Afterschool Sour Days
Minimal Red
Cutie Rainie
Skylight Alpachica (basically all of them)
Adorable Spector Shoujo
Doll Spector Shoujo
Fatal Love
Chocoholic Dream
Savage Werewolf Girl
Vic's Abomination
Faline Thief
Scornful Loathing Style
Festive Manner
Spooky Manner
Get Some Style
Dark Messiah's Hair
Warm Messiah's Hair
Dark Chaste Child's Ghastly Hair
Vengeful Lestelle
Dark Lestelle
Good at Being Bad
Descent of the Highwire
Schoolboy's Style
Serendibite Milennium
Nom Nom Rawr
Nom Nom Argh
Nom Nom Eek
Game of Serendine
Oneneus' Blessing
Chione's Blessing
And that dark blue Blessing

British Boyfriends ~Afternoon~
SDPLUS #431 Exiled Nyx
SDPlus #483 Artemis
SDPlus 169 William
SDPLus #176 Thief
SDPlus #243 Neon Core Flynn
Sweetheart Schoolboy
Cuivre Drops
Dark Fallen Star Locks
Exoskeletal Rogue
Eternal Edebel
Counterfeit Maven
Leliel's Wings
Latter Day Augustus
Kagero Acceleration
Eternal Cheerful Bravery
Sealy March
Lonely Lucie
Casual Winter
Miss Mustachio
Crystal Majoko Mariko Eyes
Murder la Murder
Counterfeit Betrothed
Sweet Inky Date
Return to Sender
Ethereal Eyes
Princess of the Underworld
Midnight Scythe
Kitty Pride
Earphone Actress
Shimmering Penance
Heaven's Gate High Priestess
Minimal Navy
Abunai Rider
Dark Ace Trainee's Spiky Hair
Garage Band Honey
Maddie Hatter
Aria Addolorata
Mistress Chimes Reprise
Duchess Chimes Reprise
Oola Masako
The Fox and the Tanuki
Earphone Vocalist
Malevolent Heart
Rever Vert
Water Clan Ninja BandMr. Ghoast March
Maker of Heartfelt Pies
Rabd Dove
Gabriel's Vigor
Haunted Whispers
SDPlus R9 Enigma Student Protagonist
Swim Team Dreamboat
The Ghosts Within
Spector Shoujo
Azure Saga
Not Tomorrow Evening
Lusting Law
Lady's Agony and Rapture
Three Star Hacker
Knight of the Azure Flame
Protagonist's Premonition
Stealthy Shooter
Charged Knight
Courageous Bonnie
Fly Fighter
Ralyks the Lame
Forest WArden
Conceited unit
Warworn Celt
Astra: XRay Film
Guardian Shaman

Cutie Spector Shoujo
Brisk Semester
Lovely Lucie
Purrsuasion Play
Counterfeit Bride
Cookies n Cream Biscuit
Princess of the Heavens
Princess of the Woods
Princess of Dreams
Princess of the Underworld
Princess of Rage
Princess of the Clouds
Dawn Alpachica
Sumafo Compulsion
Autumn Evenings
Impure Intentions
I am Pawsitively Naughty
Vic's Heinousness
Coffee Social
Strawberry Social
Diner Social
Yahshua's Wings