Cursed: Snow Land Castle

I continued to push forward towards the gray wall, the ground beneath my feet continuing to feel as if it was zapping away my energy.
I couldn't stop though, in fear that I never be able to move again and find my friend.
It wasn't long before I finally reached the door.
It was solid, made of iron, and locked; yet there was a button right next to it.
Upon hitting the button, I entered the front of the castle, now greeted by three more doors.
The door in front of me looked to be of a simple wooden door, luckily not locked.
I opened the door and found it to lead into a bedroom, yet no one was inside.
There was a chest to the far right of the room.
I walked over and opened the chest, finding clothing that looked to belong to my friend.
She was here, rested here no doubt.
Where was she now?

"May I help you?" A soft, quiet voice came from behind.
I quickly closed the chest and turned around, seeing a girl in a green dress standing by the door.
"I apologize; I do not mean to intrude." I responded back to her.
The girl slightly shook her head.
"If you are looking for her... I am sorry."
I raised a eyebrow slightly at the comment.
"Sorry; for what?" I asked her, yet she left before responding back.
"Wait!" I said as I quickly move towards the door, but when I looked out the doorway, she was gone.
What had she meant by that apology?
I began to slightly panic as I thought of the worst.
There was nothing more in the room, so now I must go down one of the iron doors and see where they would lead me.