**Roze's OC, Neali surfaces for the first time in almost two years. This is her story.

It seemed she'd been wrong. Nothing went the way it was supposed to. Her happiness did not matter. It had felt like she couldn't breathe; like she had died. She shuddered, her black spotted fur rippling with the movement. She had no one, now. No family, no mate, no child. Tears stung her eyes, surprising her as she thought she no longer had the ability to cry. It had happened so quickly, so painfully. She wished she didn't remember, wanted feebly to forget; but she clung to the memory with desperate hope.

She was torturing herself with thoughts of that life, in truth. For two years, she had felt like she was drowning, like she was being consumed. Of course, she had been. Depression and remorse still had their long, ugly claws firmly in her heart.

Another wave of mental pain hit her, forcing her to squeeze her ice-coloured eyes closed tightly. Her ears laid back on her head, her long dual tails thumping at the ground angrily. The pain was fuel for her anger. Anger at herself, at the world, at whatever God there was (she assumed, now that He had long since turned His back on her, however). She didn't deserve to be alive. Her son deserved to be alive. To be with his father.

Growling, she stood, opening her eyes just as a stream of tears tracked down the fur on her cheeks. Turning, she began to run. Running was the only thing that seemed to bring her peace. While he ran, she could imagine what her life could have been like. She imagined being with her son and his father, playing in the sun. Laying under the stars with her mate, curled in his arms, safe and protected. Loved. Now, though, she'd never have any of that. At least, not until she passed from this life. Then, she would at least be able to be a mother again.