after her mom left.
Sunaki dreamed of story.

They truth is that Sunaki likes the boy in her class, His name is Ryichi.
She wansnt sure if he liked her back

she dreamt of the of the story, and it was all based on him and her.
She smiled in her dream.

On the other hand. Her mother and father were choosing her future husband.

They were going to put Sunaki in a forced marriage,

Her parents were choosing between two of the most wealthiest family,
The Chironako Family
The Karukani Family (aka Ryichi family)
They wanted to have their daughter to be happy in the future.

So they made a challenge to both families.
They told them that when they are 15, which ever boy impress her the most, will win her hand in marriage.

The families agreed, and made their boys to be the best.
But there was 1 thing both the fathers did to their boys,

10 years later(They wer 5 now they're 15)

Sunaki was walking home.
Both Ryichi and
Ryuchi(aka Chironako Ryuichi)
broke up their girls they were currently dating.

Ryichi and Ryuichi were best friends, but they wer competing who would get the most girls by they end of the week.
Both were tied.

Both were laughing.

After they stopped laughing and look straight, they saw Sunaki walking.
Both boys wer having images in their head.
Both went to go chase after her, but it was too late she was going in her house,

Both boys looked at each other and grinned evilly.

when they went home, both of the boys parents looked at each other.
They explained to the boys that it was important that they win her heart.