My reality as of right now:
I'm pregnant I'm currently in WEEK 17
In my last OB appointment which was about two weeks ago; My OBGYN had told me that my Ultrasound which was taken during WEEK 12 had shown a 17cm cyst that was on top of my Uterus concerned for my well-being he had requested I speak to a specialist.

The Surgeon who I first spoke to last week examined the Ultrasound and showed she was concerned at this cyst which had grown out of no where in a short amount of time. Her concern since it wasn't in the first ultrasound which was taken in WEEK 8 is that it could possibly be cancer with this thought she had rushed for an emergency MRI.

After the MRI we found out that it was not cancer, which was a relief. The cyst did have to be removed. So as of tomorrow I will be going to the first surgery ever in my life. I'm not going to lie I'm terrified. I will be off of work for a minimum of one week which also scares me. I cannot afford to not be making money right now. I just moved into our new place in September and it's already tight for money. And if that wasn't hard enough my boyfriend's dog has been very destructive since we've moved he refuses to listen in this new environment and I can't imagine trying to control him while I'm in recovery.