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If you're reading this then you've appearently got nothing better to do. If you like a place of self loathing and random thoughts this might be the place you want.
Possible Spare time project??
Have you ever reached a point in watching something to where you literally have to stop and ask "What the ********, why am I watching this?" For me, I enjoy that feeling. This brings me to the topic at hand. Lately, I've been watching a 1990's piece of drama(?) called Twin Peaks. Most of you probably have heard me mention and are wondering what it is, others are thinking. "Oh my god, why are you watching that?" Some still are probably giving me Cooper's Thumbs up.
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Anyhow, I've just started Season 2, and, Wow. I love David Lynch's setting and Cooper as a character. Though the statement from above has just arrived at a point in Season 2 episode 2. Some people already know what I'm talking about, but, for those of you who don't I'm just going to describe the scene. Aubrey Horne is walking out of her room in the "Casino" One Eyed Jack's. She intercepts one of the "Hospitality Girls" who has a bucket of ice and takes it to the "Guest"'s room.

All of this seems simple enough and makes sense, but it's in this room that all the semblance of normality leave. A balding, chubby, black robed, Blindfolded, middle aged man, with tonailes painted red, lies tied up, both hands and feet from the ceiling, with feet splayed open. This is a fetish I kind of get, and I am not judging, but the fact that the... "Hospitality Girl" in the room is not "Seeing to his comfort," but, rather, vacuuming the floor as the man seems pleased by this.

I know that there are things in this world that I will never understand, and, rule 34 exists for a reason. I just don't understand the entire plot here. I'm obviously not supposed to get it, but, odds are there is one man in the world out there right now with this exact desire. This scene alone needs to be shown to the world. I need to fully review this series and Lynch films in general. If anyone would like to see this, let me know. I'll try to work out the logistics.

Alright, let me preface this in the easiest way possible, by doing this it makes me not a hipster, but by drawing attention to myself doing it and not being a hipster it makes me one, and this continues ad infinitum so don't try to figure it out, just focus on the fact that I'm dissecting what it means, in my thoughts, to be a Hipster.

Rule One, This is the most important, and if nothing else, this is the one that you need to remember. Don't take anyone's advice. Do what you want to do and when you want to. Be a free spirit and apologize to no one. A hipster never says he or she is sorry... Unless the act causes bodily/property damage.

Rule 2: It doesn't hurt to take things from the 60's. After all, who were hipper then the flower children? Free love, Drugs, accoustic guitar, it's all there and it's all good. The hemp and veganism, I do without, but that's me.

Rule 3: If you like something people hate say you like it for ironic reasons. You can like anything as a hipster and do anything as a hipster, as long as irony is involved or it's against the mainstream, though going counter to counter culture as well. You can't be defined as counter culture, or mainstream to be a hipster.

Rule 4: Everything Independant is automatically awesome. Indie is the stuff of dreams as it's art uninfringed on by the man. Classic Films and music are classified under this as well if you want. If it's obsure then it's better.

Glasses, and other steriotypical accessories are optional, but they might help. Guys grow your hair, Girls cut it. You're here to protest the main stream and be independent. You're a Hipster.

Well for those of you who wish to read my "insightful" comments and thoughts you'll be glad to know that I'm putting up another journal entry. This one however is about my lamentation over being powerless. So I hope you take my words with a grain of salt, or just don't mind reading my venting

For those of you who have no idea of what is going on with me, I'm waiting to be discharged from the military, and more importantly I'm waiting on a solid date of exit, so that I may set up my move, find a job, reserve an apartment, and things of the sort. I've been waiting now for months and I am just tired of it.
i had put in for what is called Early Term Separation, meaning that I requested to get out under good standards and my own power, but, I was denied that luxury as the situation I was in there were several people in my duty section that had left the installation and left me as one of the last experienced personnel. If they had let me out then I would have started my new life already.
So I had to fail at my duties so they kicked me out. i would have much rather gone out the easy way, but, my experiences in the military, maintenance in general, has taught me that the organization is nothing but idiocy by committee. So I'm trapped and i have nothing to do but wait. I am missing out on something that could lead to happiness, but I cannot say. All I know is I need something new, and I can't wait to... Well you can see my status for the other reason for my lament.

Gone in November
As some will obviously know, Thali has been on vacation for the month of November. It was a good time though transit on this trip was my downfall. xD On November 2nd Thali had to take a cab because he did not clear his ride through the shift lead in his shop, $120. But after the ride with the arguably greatest cab driver in the world, (Stereotypical black guy, who talked of his son boosting CDs and getting caught having to bail him out, a powder blue crown Victoria that sounded if it could die at any moment, his next door neighbor drug dealers with their dog, Man. Eating fried chicken and talking about prostitution. If that doesn't fit a steriotype then I might be a racist, but this is what he talked about on the ride to the airport.) I had a good flight to Sacramento International Airport, where I was greeted by my mother, aunt and grandmother, the last of which is fairly feeble in her old age.
I arrive at my mothers house and am greeted by a sweet dog named megan who takes to me that night so much that for the remainder of the trip she's no longer my mother's dog. She's mine. Other then a very needy neurotic but friendly dog those few days go without too much incident. I find a book I've been wanting and I eat very well. x3
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^Megan and my grandmother^

Now I'm off to Arizona with my Da, to see my brother and niece. Oh, and my brother's girlfriend Heather... I guess. No one in my family likes Heather but we put up with her because she is Taylor's mother. She's not a good one by any means but she is Taylor's mother. I get to the trailer in Quartzsite and when I open the door, This cute little girl walks up to me and hands me one of her toys asking "Whats that?" My heart melts and I just love my little niece. I wish I had more pictures but due to a misfortune to be stated later I do not.
That night my father and I go to Karaoke at the Quartzsite Yacht Club, a bar not to far from my fathers trailer. I then realize just the type of community I'm in. Its been much too long since I'd been down there but it's a retirement community. Cheap to live there but not much for a young man such as myself to look at, but that night I have a couple of drinks and ask my father for his car, as I had a couple of days before going on the trip planned a date of sorts. He said yes. The next week was run with the chaos of a little girl with no real parent. Sweet as she is she has no real chance without my Ma and Da. I also meet my cousin Jeffery and go four wheeling with Jeffery and Jordie his older brother, whom I'd met the last time I was in Arizona. Thought it had been years since that and he looks nothing like the kid I remember.
Anyhow, I got scratched up on the Four wheeler, my brother ruined one of me games and Jeffery was driving me nuts because I had an XBox. xD Then that friday came around and I went on my Date. Oceanside CA is a nice place when you know where you're going. x3 I got lost a few times trying to get to her apartment but once there I was both relieved that I didn't wreck, as some migt know Thali isn't an expert driver as most are. He got his license about a year ago, so a 5 hour road trip was trying. And Excited as Thali has never done anything of this sort before. Borrowing a car to drive five hours barely knowing where you're going, to spend a weekend with a girl you barely know. It was like being a Teenager, which Thali couldn't be when he was a teenager. x3
Her name is Steph. She and I had a great weekend filled with games and a few learning experiences for Thali. x3 It seems that Thali is good with his hands and tongue. x3 Though a Bra is a bit harder to take of then I had anticipated, but then again I never had the practice before either. Needless to say it was a fun trip.
The last day there, a Sunday, after we'd been up for a while, I'd decided to leave. I picked up my phone, which I'd been using about an hour before and it was off, and wouldn't turn on. Thus Thali lost all of his photos of his niece and everyone in Arizona, as he hadn't backed them up onto his laptop while with Steph. Anyhow, Steph walked with Thali to his car, we kissed goodbye, and Thali left. Never to be heard from again, as he wrecked and died. x3

Alright that didn't happen the way I said but Thali was tired and very distracted at the time and pulled off to get something to drink... But he locked the kys in the car. He tried calling locksmiths and tow people but nothing and no one could help so he bought a hammer and broke into the car. A folly that would cost him $1250. Thali does regret that it happened but doesn't regret a single penny of the trip itself.

After a couple more days in Arizona I had to say goodbye to my niece and my brother so that I could spend thanksgiving with my mother, as I had previously planned. I still miss Taylor. It was around this time thogh that I got my phone fixed. xD The apple consultant had the same problem with it as I did but it was replaced and other then the loss of all my photos of Taylor no harm was done.
Thanksgiving is a time when family gets together and eats turkey. Oh and also we're supposed to be thankful for all the stuff we have in life and yadda yadda ya... I saw Family I hadn't seen in years and some that haddn't seen me since I was about Taylors age, (She's just about two. x3) It was a Good time. Watching the Raiders lose, which almost upset my mom except that she expected it, and eating until completely stuffed.
User Image
^ I swear all this photo needs is trailers instead of houses and it'd be white trash. x3
(In the photo my cousin Amber, holding her dog French fry. Her Boyfriend Drew. My cousin Isabella, the one with the red highlights, and part of my cousin Christina. The dogs are Dela and Spartacus)
User Image
^ Family. ^_^
(In the photo, My aunt Kathy, Her cons Chris [Hair] and JR [beanie cap]. The one in the green is my Aunt Dianne's son, who's name escapes me, Cousin Chris' Daughter Alex, My Aunt Krystalin [tiara and black outfit], My Cousin Rose [Her head is turned away at that moment so you cannot see.] , A church friend named Kathy, [The one in the white.] My Grandmother and Christine's husband with their newest baby.)
User Image
^ Same as the last but with Cousin Mike and a gentleman in the Background I do not know...
User Image
^ Crystalin's son and my uncle Don are in this photo as well. Figure them out on your own. Also obscured is Krystalin's daughter.
User Image
My Ma, cousin JR and I. JR's on a chair for those who can't see it. x3

I enjoyed the trip, and I now owe someone 80 dollars because I had to split the cab fare with them as no one else was able to help me get home as I didn't ask but a couple of hours beforehand. So lessons learned: always keep a debit card on you, Always ask a couple of days in advance for a ride, always ask the shift superviser if someone could give you a ride, and always take a spare key with you and store it in your wallet. Or at least make it a habit to take the keys... $1250...

Month 1
My dear little Min, I don't know if it's the absence of your mother but you mean so much more to me every single day. If only you could have seen her maybe you'd know the same happiness that I did and do now. Ieme... It's been over a month since you left Min and I, my god, you should see her. She's still the little blessing that she was when last I wrote. Though now she's getting biger and her hair... It's the same beautiful shade as yours.
When she smiles at me, even daylight pails in comparrison. Her laugh is like the chiming of silver bells in the wind. I suppose that I never want to see her sad so I spoil her but... I'll try my best to make sure she knows how to care for herself when the time comes.
I still moved in with Tori, I figured Azreal could use a bit of grounding from excess and that Min could benefit from a stable upbringing, lavish as it may be, and Tori's been more then accomodating for me. I guess that might be for pitty. At first I told him that I'd be as quiet as a mouse and out of the way, though he insisted otherwise. I agreed, Ieme. Please forgive any transgressions I may commit during this arrangement...
It's for the best. For Azreal and Elmindreda, it's for the best.

Week 1
Ieme, It's a mixed blessing that I have our little girl with me now. She looks much like you though, with the cutest little fox ears and my blue eyes. She's been very quiet so far and I tell her of you every day. I've been doing my best to keep my spirits up, and she is making that much easier. She's so cute and I wish you could be here with us.
She's been sleeping a lot and she doesn't cry often. She's the most wonderful child I could have ever wished for and I look forward to every minute with her. Ieme, if you can hear me, please help me when things get rough as I'm sure you are now. I miss you my love.

It's been a while so instead of my usual whining I'll turn the floor over to Thali and from now on the words in this place will be his. My whinings are petty compaired to what he's going through.

Thank you Dennis and hello everyone. Recently I've lost the love of my life. Ieme is gone and is never to return, our children Azreal and Min (Those of you who are Robert Jordan fans will know what this is short for but for those who don't it's Elmindreda.) survived her and in a preordaned arrange ment Torianu got the one that was first born, though the two are twins Azreal was the first born. I'll be carring for my lovely daughter. I'll be posting my experiences weekly or when I can find the time Ieme... I wish you hadn't had to leave me. I wish...

Well, that's all for Thali at the moment. We'll keep you posted and for all of those concerned about Thali, he'll be fine. (This is a storyline event from a character's point of view. Ieme was recently banned unjustly and this is the story.)

Well as per usual I'm just going to b***h a bit here. XD So feel free to tune it out. <.<;;;
First thing's first. I hate 6-4 work days. I hate when my imediate supervisor thinks that just because he did me a favor that I'm his personal b***h at work. I hate the fact that all the stuff I do on the Day shift schedule is Politicl wash, wax, starch, press, and basically do nothing but make it look nice for whoever might be watching. I'm a better actor now then mewchanic because of the shift I work and I need a break, but with no rest in sight I could just do with someone to hold. Again that's in short supply.
I want to get away, or someone to get away with... Niether will happen and I can do nothing about anything...
Why can't I tell people? Why do I have to rely on the facelessness of the internet? Why do I have to talk to people I barely know? I guess I'm a coward. Another hard pill to swallow. All in all it's the same stuff, different day. I'm just tired of myself.

The Incorrigible Thalimon
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The Incorrigible Thalimon
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