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mostly poetry, sometimes ill be mad and right about things. you know the regular stuffalso i use it as my own little gallery of art that my friends give me and stuff i make. and I love writing poetry and sometimeas a good dscription of my stories
wierd feeling
i just keep feeling this wierd emotion. im not sure what it is but a song just keeps forming in my mind. i think i should write it out. and it does not mean anything totally. just a dfeeling

my heart can only ache and scream,
you've left me in an endless dream
so what am I supposed to do?
sit around or look for you?

solid tears fall down my face,
I can only hide it in disgrace
What I can I really do?
fill the hole that was left by you?

My heart feels like its dying
endless tears wont stop crying
make this feeling go away!!
This feeling just wont go away!

My pride wont stop growling,
my heart wont stop howling
and you wont hear it
beause you wont go near it!

and for some reason it just stops there ^^;;; just needed to get hat out >>;;

so im back in VA
Ok well I am back in Va. Im alone but Im going to work hard. Ive been very stressed out trying to find a job but i finally got one. the problem is that the stress still builds up. I havent really slept in 3 days amnnd when i do its intterupted by a door slam or the construction work next door.

i think what i will ask for my birthday is for a pair of industrial strength earplugs or those type of head phones that are small but they block out all the other noises

Moogle Madness 2
thank you guys for your awesome support! and i will continue to produce my comics to make you all smile and get in a laugh for the day
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first web comic!!!!
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my pleasure to present to you, my very first webcomic ever! let me present to you...
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going to th brink of insanity
alot of things have happened in the past couple of weeks. one of them being that work is getting me so upset that i want to quit my job, and also i accidently backed into a mailbox. but now i have a reason not to quit it, but the problem also is that i will have to walk to work. i accidently got into a collision last night. noone was hurt, but emotionally i was and this really wasnt the best thing. i screwed uyp and now i dont even have a car to get back and forth to work. i also screwed up my dads fathers day gift. i screwed up and this feeling is just so horrible, i wish i could tear this feeling out of my heart. and i cant stop crying either. i wish i knew what to do. i also got to deal with a major car repair bill, and i dont know how to take care of it

Been awhile
It has been a while since i posted in my journal. to be honest i didnt even know if anyone was actually reading it, but i guess for those of you who really are ill p[ost an update.

Alot of you have noticed Ive been rather moody lately, the reason why is because my grandfather is really ill. the doctors say that he may have 2 weeks left... so ive been pretty bummed about it. I havent really totally gotten to know him and i wish i could have. he is a wonderful person and i will miss him so cry

ive also been stressed out lately because of halloween and also because im going to nekocon in less than 3 days. ill be out of town all weekend but i promise that i will post pictures from nekocon though be forewarned that they might be a little crappy because i will be using my cellphone to do it

i guess ill update later

Happy week!
Baka came down wit his buddy matt to visit me this week!!! I was so happy to see him and I had so much fun with him. he is so cute and adorable IRL!!!! on tuesday i first gave him a tour of our local mall. on wednsday we went to see Naruto the movie at MacArthur Center Mall. crying the tickets were sold out by the time we got there because i took a couple wrong turns crying but we ended up seeing Shrek 3 though whee on thursday we went Busch Gardens Europe, the local amusement park here in virginia!! i had so much fun and he won me a cute penguin plushy!!! 4laugh 4laugh heart heart i also got molested by a lorikeet in the bird sanctuary there. it saw my shiny necklace that i had slipped under my shirt and tried to go down my shirt xd xd it also started licking my face continuously because of all the sweat on my face sweatdrop it was really hot that day. yesterday we went to the virginia marine science museum and saw all the creatures there! his favorite was the otters! 4laugh heart we got to see the sea turtles and the baby ones too. we got to pet sting rays, and watch the sharks as well the other fish and creatures there, including the penguins!! ^o^

I had so much fun with him and I love him so much!! my parents like him too!!!
today though we said goodbye temporarily this morning. i hugged him and kissed him before he left. i will miss him so! heart heart

T.T heart torn in two
it finally happened... biscuit was put to sleep crying crying crying crying she was the best dog ever...i had her since i was 7 years old. i cant stop crying... i told her goodbye... i kissed her forehead and hugged her, and told heri loved her so much. my mom and dad told me to stay home because they felt that i wouldnt be able to handle it because of how sensitive i am....
when they gave her the sedative she was almost totally gone... her body was in so much pain...
crying crying crying crying crying crying

i found out the cause for biscuits hard time breathing. its a lung infection. though right nw sher is on some medi9cine to help her with it so hopefully she will be ok.

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