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Zuth Fayre [OC] Profile

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Zuth Fayre

Born from a ideal noblewoman and a noble knight, Zuth was born into a blessing family bloodline. As the son of the eighth generation bloodline Zuth was nicknamed the handsome noble knight of Illia. As his childhood began he was usually with other nobles and was properly trained to have proper etiquette needed for a noble to know. Learning of swordplay at the age of five he was turned in by noble knights who served under the royal guard making him their squire. However as a squire he was still properly taught of manners and now of knight's chivalry. Learning of the code he noticed of how the knights he was with abused it and used it to their own advantage. Disgusted he disowned the other knights in his head and swore he would correct things once he become a valid and a knight with a name and title. Under his master knight the young Zuth looked up to him and respected him as he was still one of the few remaining old knights of the round and also agreed that the new knights were merely not loyal to the king and of their country. Using their title as knight as a blessing to sway women under them to continue their so-called noble bloodline.

At the age of eighteen the now young adult Zuth was a growing handsome nobleman and was finally sworn into knighthood with the blessing of his faithful master he very well respected. Rising up as a knight the young adult Zuth would later see of a request from the king himself to allow him be taken into the king's army to battle against a rivaling kingdom. Believing this would bring merits to get his family bloodline to a higher status he took the request and took place in the army. Going in so young he was mocked at other knights of how foolish he was, but the young adult Zuth secretly mocked them as they never saw battle. It was then as he looked on to see who was his commanding officer he saw it was his mere mentor and faithful master when he was a young squire. Knowing that he was ready for war now under the guide of his master Zuth marched behind him.

During the war which would be known as the Verion Illian War the young adult Zuth showed much of his skills that he was taught under his master. Performing his skill and showing ability of handling a sword the other genrals noticed it during battle. It was during the battle of Algaba that he was known as the Ferocious Lion. During the battle the young adult Zuth was promoted to lieutenant and was given the mission to protect the small fortress of Algaba. With only two hundred men under him the young adult Zuth was the first line of defense till reinforcements would come in four days. Taking the risk the generals including his master himself gave fifty of each of their greatest soldiers they could offer to him to hold down the fortress. In doing so the generals left him to gather the troops and come back with more reinforcements and supplies to continue their siege against the kingdom of Verion. During the first day it was a mere test that the young adult Zuth had to face. Taking the challenge against horseback militia and mercenaries the young adult Zuth gave them the challenge and conquered the small battle with ease. On the second day after the test the enemy commander gave the young adult Zuth was faced with the challenge of going against catapults and archers that covered the line of armored piercing knights on horseback.

Not wanting to believe in defeat the young adult Zuth fired back with volleys of arrows of the two hundred soldiers he had under him, but had to watch as some of his men would be killed by the boulders shot by the catapults. It was then as the day worsen for the small line of defense the weather became dry and as the small fortress was near along the lines of grassy field and trees where the enemy soldiers hid. The young adult Zuth took advantage of this and oiled up the arrow tips and lay siege to his enemies burning horses and soldiers that couldn't escape the fiery death. Believing in his luck he survived the second day and did a tremendous morale boost for his troops as he watched as the enemy commander had a large significant loss in troops. On the third day there was a stalemate and as his spies came with news of their arrival coming soon on the fourth day like planned the young adult Zuth made sure they would be welcomed by them and not the enemy soldiers.

The fourth day finally came, but as his spies never came he noticed the enemy soldiers has retreated to a different location. Not knowing of their whereabouts the young adult Zuth stood on watch with only hundred twenty men now that were under him. Within distance of their allies coming back it was then the enemy flag was rose up and saw charging from a pincer stand point. Alarming them it was already too late as the enemy soldiers was luring the young adult Zuth out with his men to take over who retreated back and went behind the fortresses back route. With no other option the young adult Zuth only had twenty horses and could only take nineteen of his men with him along himself to charge into battle while the hundred of soldiers stay in the small fortress. Taking the daring risk the most battle hardened knights took on the challenge and believed in their young lieutenant. Ready for arms the nineteen knights who would ride alongside him would charge in a symmetrical formation of a square with lances ready then expand to charge at a faster pace.

In the cover of volley of arrows of their first approaching wave the young adult Zuth charged in and showed his true power in leadership commanding his nineteen knights to now allow the reinforcements to make way into the small holding fortress. In doing so having shown true power of taking out a sneak attack with only few numbers the enemy commander challenged the young adult Zuth in a duel while on the battlefield. Taking on the challenge the young adult Zuth fought viciously with the enemy commander and took ten minutes till he was declared victor of the bout he had with the enemy commander. Taking his head he then revealed his victory to the enemy soldiers and that of his allies and heard the thunder of a roaring victory of his troops from afar and close. Taking in no prisoners he ordered his men to take down as many enemy troops as possible and then make way back into the fortress.

With the big victory for him and his nineteen knights that took the daring ride to make way for the reinforcements the young adult Zuth was then promoted to a commander in the deeds he did. Requesting however that he allowed the nineteen knights to stay by his side the other generals took notice of it and offered the nineteen knights they had offered to him in the first place to use which they humbly accepted. After the countless battles and victories and losses the young adult Zuth was in the war finally was over with Illia as victor. Within the lines next to his generals he became the youngest general ever in Illia to be at the signing of peace. With the curious king of Verion wanting to know of the rumors of the such young general the king of Illia showed off the young adult Zuth who was now at the age of twenty two.

Telling him he would remember his name the young adult Zuth became a popular knight and general among the others and which some generals believed to be such a ridiculous idea for him to be along the ranks of them. As the few jealous generals watched on his victories became his merits to the people they secretly plotted against him. With the actions he did however the young adult Zuth was given status of high knight and given his own special forces of cavalry under him with the nineteen knights included. His knights were then known as the Knights of the Ferocious Lion. His fame rising and popularity as he traveled to country to country and bringing peace to near and far kingdoms continued to spread. But with much of his doings under the king, the king started to realize he was becoming less and less popular among his people as the people became to idolize the now twenty-five year old Zuth. Deliberating a scheme to take him out the king ordered his jealous generals who despised Zuth into taking him into unknown regions with his knights. With the idea of wanting to expand the kingdom, Zuth was given the special task to patrol and see what the area had or to per say local nearby kingdoms to allow them to make way or get them into merging with the Illian kingdom.

With the plan now set into action Zuth fell into his own allies trap and was constantly face a unknown enemy that took his men out one by one. Not of knowing of who they were Zuth took on the challenge to ride for three nights with his men to see if anyone followed. Taking notice of who followed them he noticed of the flag bearer was from Illia and was disheartened by the fact that they would go against him. Telling of his men to prepare to battle his troops were stunned as they were being targeted by their own friends and brothers. Not wanting to battle some shunned their proud commander and surrendered, but rode back headless as they were not wanting any survivors. Enraged by this Zuth and his troops charged at their own allies and slaughtered them after the fourth day's rising sun. Knowing of what he did he knew he couldn't go back to Illia as by the time he would go himself and his men would be hanged and stripped of nobility and knighthood. Not wanting to risk that for his men his men took the supplies of his once friendly allies and fled with the remaining troops he had with him.

Of nowhere to go to Zuth made his way to the Verion kingdom and was welcomed with open arms and requested a audience with the king. Telling of him of the actions he did and that of the trickery the king and his generals did the Verion king in nothing else to offer allowed Zuth to take one of his fortresses to have which laid in a wasteland that none of his men dared to stay in. In return however the knights and himself would swear a secret alliance with Verion if things ever came to worse for another war to happen. Taking in the offer Zuth and his men then made their way to the wastelands which they soon realized of how none of the Verion knights dared to set foot on it. Rumored of being bewitched and taken over by mysterious creatures and black magic the former knights of Illia made their way to the fortress they would soon call home.

Once they settled into the fortress they would now call home the remaining knights of the Ferocious Lion began their new life under their new leader, Zuth. Wanting of making the best of it Zuth then began appointing some of his bestest of knights to be his second and third commanding leaders under him. Changing of their emblem and the flag they created a Lion roaring with both of the kingdoms of Verion and Illia's emblem under the Lion's mane. With things in set they began their rule in the wasteland. With the setting of their location the men began their daily patrol and hunt for livestock and of wood they can find. On the countless days of living the new life under his leadership Zuth was on patrol with one of his knights and was attacked by a lion like creature. As his fellow knight was killed and eaten in front of him Zuth attacked and fought against the lion creature and was bitten and clawed on his arm and his chest line. Taking moments worth against the creature it was finally slain, but Zuth facing much blood loss did he believe was ready to admit defeat and lay to rest on the wastelands which he thought was suitable for him.

Laying in the wasteland he awoken still covered in blood, but noticed as his freshly deep wounds was healed. Not knowing of why he was still alive he then believed he was still dreaming yet realized that he wasn't as his knight's horse was still freshly killed when they were attacked. Returning back he told of the news of his men of what happened and they were stunned and shocked of what happened and of how he survived. But with speculations of Zuth killing him the other knights who began to lose their faith in him started to call him out. Denying it more and more the knights who lost faith in Zuth took arms against them, but were killed as those who still favored in Zuth as someone who wouldn't dare kill his own men killed them.

A week time would pass as Zuth and his knights would continue their lives as hermit knights honing their skill and learning of newly ways of attacking and defending off knights and of the environment and creatures they would face. But as they continued their daily lives Zuth was struck with a illness all of his knights were unknown to figuring out. Not sure of what has happened to their leader they all awaited for his passing but would always look on if he was okay. But on the fateful day of constant yelling and agony of their dying leader the noise of which he made in his room fell silent. Checking to see if their leader has passed they sent up one of the knights and as they heard nothing for a minor second they heard a scream as well as a roar. Taking up their arms they hurried to Zuth's chamber and noticed a lion-like creature staring down at them with the head of one of the knights. Believing that Zuth was eaten as well the knights faced off the creature, but as the short amount of time they had they were all slaughtered. With the lion creature giving out a roar the creature started to discombobulate and disfigure back into a black long haired man naked sitting in a puddle of blood of his own knights. Shaking in fear of what he did Zuth attempted to kill himself, but realized he couldn't as the beast inside him didn't allow it.

With nothing else more to go on for Zuth searched for answers and found that he was bitten by a manticore. Taking now of his unholy newly found inner self he locked his self into his fortress and was never heard of again. Which at least he hoped for, but as time would come for Verion's needing assistance they watched on as none of Zuth's knights came to help. Believing that they mocked him after defeating him the king of Verion came to the fortress himself with the intention of killing Zuth to prove his point that he was not weak as a king. But as the stench of dry blood could be smelled he noticed nothing more sinister that they were killed off. However as the king and his knights drew back they saw Zuth appear on a unholy creature that was a lion with wings and a scorpions tail. Approaching the king Zuth then looked with cold heartened eyes of a mad man and gave him a sinister looking smile.

Now realizing of who the man has became from what he was a long time ago the king backed up from Zuth. Not wanting to do anything with Zuth and the decision that he created for himself the king and his men left Zuth, but in retaliation Zuth came at them at attacked the king and his men. Leaving his fellow knights who came with him Zuth spared the king to live, but in letting him live the king made the deal with Zuth to allow him to have servants and maids to watch over his fortress. In doing so for letting him spare his life to not be killed and eaten by his manticore the king made roads to the fortress for anyone willingly to dare serve under a untitled king of the wasteland. But for those that dare wish to serve under him they know him as the Ferocious Lion of Fayre Fortress.

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