Hello Reader(s),

It’s been a while since my last post and I fear that so much time has passed that any words I write may lose meaning. A great deal of time brings with it a great deal of change, some expected, some not, and rather than delve into detail about all of those happenings that have occurred in-between then and now I’d prefer to try out a format I feel might be a bit more relaxing, productive and (frankly) pleasing for me. I hope that you can forgive the departure from format, and I hope that though time makes fools of us all, one can forgive my foolishness in neglecting this journal. I’ll start with simplicity for re-introduction sake…

It’s 2015.

In the past year I’ve found happiness, sorrow turmoil and levity, but without the detailed account of these things they are just words and have little bearing. Sufficed to say that in the time since Danielle’s death things have run their course and new faces have emerged in the crowd. Current social goings-on involve the following people: Shawn, a short and intelligent Guamanian with a melancholy outlook; Andre, a bearded Half-Mexican fellow from Michigan with a rather scholarly gait; Erik, a large Nordic man with variable facial hair and dress (who happens to be a close ally and confidant); Ashe, whom you may have heard of, and a woman I’ve become close with of late named Juliet. I will not bore you wilt the tedium of each and every development of relations with myself and these people, but it is enough that they are mentioned for future reference.

In the arena of career and work, I have had a modicum of success. I have belayed my “business” online and have taken a job with Goodwill of Southern Colorado, as what amounts to an underpaid copywriter. Until recent I was writing much more, but they have put restrictions on creativity in favor of numerical success (which I have had regardless of changes) in posting volume. I haven’t found this position to be all that tiring or troublesome, but I am looking for more profitable work in the meantime. My success is unrelated to these things though. I have been published as a comic strip author due to my own persistence and ingenuity. In a publication called THC magazine, I can find my writing and Erik’s illustration from November 2015 onward with expansion coming in the near future, I am told.

This career success has been a hard fought victory and my persistence must continue to elevate it beyond, but it is a victory none-the-less. In the near future, Erik and I have plans to drum up interest to fund a comic book project we have worked so hard on, and one that deviates from the disgusting placid theme, mass media Hollywood superheroes. This is good news indeed, as he is a good companion on my road to success, and one that is willing to trudge through the mire and muck to reach any destination.

In the broader world spectrum, it will be hard to say that I have noted my predictions and worldviews before without reading the posts (which I never do for posterity’s sake) but I will indulge you anyway. Obama became president 8 years ago, and the country fell into turmoil. Race divisions were highlighted and fragmentation took place in society without anyone commenting on how detrimental it is, or even seeming to take note or care in daily life. Eight years later we have a Politically Correct movement (which seeks to govern speech and bully those whom are tolerant, but not accepting), a Black Lives Matter Movement (which aims to curtail the police brutality which has been accepted in America, and has been somewhat successful), The Conservative Movement (which aims to confuse the population on truth, make them heavily question all but direct information, and get them to blindly support the authority of American nationally and worldwide through nationalist fervor and xenophobia, and has been very successful), The millennials (the generation whom takes to social media, craves a short learning curve, buys into many fads and trends through subtle advertising and seems keen on supporting many agendas at once) and more. Gay Marriage is now legal, after a lengthy battle that seemed very pointless and cruel and based on obscure religious beliefs masking prejudice. And the next presidential race is on!

The nationalist fervor in the nation is endless and their agenda ranges from denying global warming, to starting ground wars with terrorist groups (which has been proven faulty), to their lack of empathy and callous treatment and rhetoric for the poor (who deserve debtor’s prison, according to them no doubt), to their position-less stance that America needs to have military might above all else, and that our policing of the world is appropriate and necessary. All of this equate to an over-militarized, aggressive and stupor induced nation ready for conflict, likely on a global scale. The lack of educational value combined with the cronyism that is running rampant through all corners of American life are disturbing, and I fear I live in a nation with no future except that of an aggressor. That said, the political standpoint is still to punish those who are not obedient and in good standing according to their doctrine, the doctrine of corporate America and politicians one and the same.

Financially, I am still in dire straits, and my lack of funds comes from a lack of employment opportunities. I recently (within this hour) found that I must hire a lawyer to represent me in North Carolina for a speeding ticket which I assumed was written off by the police officer who had issued it. The ticket is in the amount of 400-something dollars, and I also owe one in my hometown for around the same cost, though this has gone to collections and may have accrued interest I am also unable to pay. Not to mention the crippling burden of daily life financially with food, gasoline, energy bills that seem astronomical and other expenses to mundane to put to paper. That said, I am attempting to not allow my financial woes to trouble me, and hope that I can avoid incurring more severe penalties such as jail time. I have been considering Bankruptcy for some time, and may pursue this since I have found debt to be rather….overwhelming.

There is always a glimmer of hope though, even in the moment, so I hope that this can last as I continue forward in life. As of yet, I have not experienced too much ill luck, or at least nothing unrecoverable, so hopefully this continues. Though has started this entry on a specific path, I feel my mind wandering and should conclude before I begin to ramble too much.

Stay Tuned for the Next Entry, whenever that may be.

“In some time, or space, I will see you again. I am sure of it.”