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Quest Journal/Archive
Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil Quest Achieved on Friday, August 11, 2006. Purchased for 9,400 gold from Hilteufaur.

Demonbow Quest Achieved July 17th, 2006, 8:12 PM. Demonbow was donated by [.Penguin.Of.Death.] to whom I am very much grateful.

Achieved Quests - 1
Dark Halo and Chain of Command achieved sometime in early July 2006.

Ancient Katana achieved July 16, 2006.

New Entry, New Format.
Starting now, this becomes Ashy's Quest Journal. It will be the quest archive, as well as notifying when a quest is achieved.

I'm baaa-aaaaaaaack... Part 2
Did you read Part One? If not, read it now. If ya did, read this entry now.
Okay, about the story that the ghost tour inspired. It would be about a young girl who almost drowned, but was saved by a vampire, who then tries to turn her into one to save the girl's life. Because she exhausted herself from trying to stay above water, the transformation killed her, but her spirit still took to the new vampire form. The girl haunts various people throughout the story, using their blood to temporarily take on a corporeal form. The kid's virtually indestructable, because she's not a ghost or a vampire. She's sort of a lost soul lingering in the mortal world, trying to live though her life was taken, but somewhat searching for a way to rest in peace. What can weaken her, though, almost to the point of non-existence, is being deprived of blood. Eventually the blood deprivation gets so bad that she inhabits the body of a young girl being treated for cancer to survive. She strengthens the girl by consuming the blood of healthy humans and then returning to her adopted body. But the chemotherapy the child recieves weakens both the ghost and the girl, and they eventually die. With the funeral of that girl, the restless vampire spirit finally finds peace. This one proves that there can't be a fairytale ending to every story.

I've also come up with a spiffy idea for a kinda morbid dessert. Here's my recipe for The Vampire's Ice Cream Delight... AKA "Bloody Sundae":
Ingredients: Cream soda, cherry soda, vanilla ice cream, possibly another flavor of ice cream (see Recommended Flavors list in step 3), brownies, strawberry syrup, and whatever ice cream toppings you like.
1)Mix equal parts of cream and cherry sodas, and freeze into ice cubes. Plan for about 3-4 cubes per serving.
2)Combine soda cubes and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a blender, to roughly the consistency of a milkshake. Chill 5-10 minutes in fridge.
3)Put 1-3 big scoops of ice cream into serving vessel of your choice. Recommended flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip/chocolate chunk, chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla fudge, or "Moose Tracks" (basically, vanilla fudge with peanut butter cups in it). Pour in milkshake mixture. You can either add it before the ice cream and have a pool of it at the bottom, or drizzle it over the ice cream.
4) Top your sundae with "dirt from the grave" (brownies) and "blood" (strawberry syrup). You can add other toppings, but the above listed ones are required.

Please try my recipe, I'd love feedback on it as well. Thankies!!

heart Ashy

I'm baaaa-aaaaaack...!!
Well, I have returned from vacation! I've missed you all so much. It was really fun though. Sunday night we stayed somewhere in Virginia. Monday, looong drive down to Myrtle Beach. Met Angie for dinner, then walked on the beach... I think... Can't remember. Oh well. Tuesday, we were on the beach until about 1:00, and then we went to this outdoor mall called Barefoot Landing for lunch/dinner, and we shopped a little. Wednesday, we did some mini-golf, and we were in the pool at my hotel. Thursday was another beach day. Friday, we went to Broadway at the Beach, another outdoor mall. Then we went back there later and we saw the new Star Wars movie again, and we played a game of mini-golf after dinner. Saturday, Angie went home, but me and my folks went to Charleston. It was raining pretty hard on the way there, and it was rainy all day. So we went to the Aquarium. Sunday wasn't rainy, but it was really humid and really hot. We went to this plantation called Middleton Place, and it had these really neat gardens, and we walked around a lot. And 9:30 at night we went on this ghost tour, which was really awesome, but it was (you guessed it) more walking. When we got back to the hotel I actually rubbed an ice cube on my legs because they hurt so badly. I guess my feet were in so much pain I didn't notice it. Ouch. And the ghost tour made me do some thinking. First off, they told about a the ghost of a young girl who had committed suicide. The death of a young girl bit made me rethink something that happened to me a few nights after I found out something tragic about Amy's past and a certain song. Not going into detail about it. For the sake of everyone's emotions. It also gave me an idea for a story, I'll go into detail in another entry. And today, I came home. What a fun vacation. Oh, and I'm still pissed about missing the Seether gig in MB.

Much love,
Ashy heart

Just so nobody worries about me, I'm going to let all of you know.

I will be going on vacation to Myrtle Beach tomorrow night, the night of June 19th.

I'll make another entry here when I get back. Savvy? I'll miss all of you very very dearly. Ah, if only I was there for Seether's gig... Then again, Black would have killed me out of jealousy, eh lovey?

LOVE YOU ALL!!! heart heart


EDIT: I found out this morning that I will be returning on MONDAY, JUNE 27TH. Okay? If ya'll wanna talk to me while I'm gone, leave a comment or PM me. Don't expect a response until the 27th, though. I won't have internet access... *sob!* Just don't overdo the PMage, please. If you need to reach me when my inbox is full... (email removed)

I love you all so much. I'll be thinking of ya. Peace! *superhuggles*
heart Ashy

Dance Update!
8th grade dance last night. Ooooh, was that fun! Okay, after school I was dropped off with my grandparents to take a shower, cos I wasn't gonna do that over Angie's.... And guess what I forgot? Clean socks and underwear. sweatdrop Fortunately, I wasn't wearing sneakers to the dance and I had clean undies in the bag I left with Angie, so I just put my dirty underwear back on (ew!) and switched them as soon as I got there. Then we had pizza (yum) and made ourselves look all prettyfuls. My dress is/was SOOOO pretty. heart It's actually a layer of thin black material over thin pink material, but with the black over the pink it looks like this really pretty dark purple-ish color. It's a halter dress, it's pretty low-cut, and the bottom's cut at different lengths, and it's really twirly and it's sooo cute!! I looked like a cute little vampire in it. ^^ We got to the dance around 6:45, and we waited a little while for everyone to come. Then when people came.... well, we danced! It was so much fun. They played a lot of stuff... What scared me was that when they played BSB, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and all that 90s flashback s**t, I actually knew the words and was singing along and dancing and having fun... eek And they did cha cha slide, macerena, the chicken dance and even the hokey pokey. What scared the hell outta me was when the principal was actually doing the hokey pokey a little. eek They didn't play any Ev though. That and the fact that it was rainy was the only bad part. Oh well, it was still sooo much fun.

Here goes s**t...
Well. Tomorrow, it begins. I have my French final on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The spring concert's on Tuesday night. Friday is my Algebra HSA. Then a long weekend for Memorial Day, and then that Tuesday and Wednesday is Science final, and Thurday and Friday's the Algebra final, and then the 8th grade dance is on June 3rd, the Friday that I finish up two weeks of testing. This is gonna be fun... Wish me luck.

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