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Winter is a point of reflection, slumber, and recognition. William was enforced to do so during the mild blizzard and iced roads. It practically made it impossible to get around, but Sebastian somehow found a way to keep them afloat. William would do his best keeping up with paperwork, finding plot points for the deceased to be buried in when the ground thawed, and avoiding Sebastian. He didn’t even bother giving Sebastian commands. If the demon asked for it, Will said yes as long as it got the beast out of the house. He would do laundry and hang it inside, feed himself and recover his health as that cold demeanor could refreeze the roads outside. He distanced himself from everyone and anyone. If there was mail for him he tore it right in front of Sebastian, if not he threw it in the fire. The only letter he could not ignore was Earl Grey arriving with a carriage to personally deliver Will to the Queen. He grimaced at the forced invitation to the Queen, but reluctantly made himself more presentable to the Queen before leaving Sebastian in charge of the morgue.

“My, I never have seen such brilliant eyes before, mister~” Earl Grey spoke, but Will just grit his teeth and was mute. He was saving his energy for the Queen, following his guide with the utmost care until he arrived to the throne room. He kept his eyes down and gave a bow when introduced, having to push his glasses up when he rose to stand tall. The fixed gaze was at her feet, as he listened to the servants leaving. She gave a small cough, clearing her throat as she excused Earl Grey and her guards to leave the two alone. He waited until they were solely alone before those sharp, cold eyes were staring at the face of the Queen. “My, so it is true. A new reaper has taken over my establishment. I never knew Madam Death would be so gracious to give us another reaper, let alone such a competent one.”

“Pardon me, your highness. Why was I summoned before you?” Will asked, irked by his curiosity of how much Her Majesty knew. “If you wished to see me I would have gladly posed for a picture to be delivered.”

“My blunt, direct, and a bit rude! She was not wrong when she described your attitude to being called here!” She could only chuckle, m taking a drink of her tea. “Though you were rude even before coming here; tearing my invitations to join the Underworld and protect the Phantomhive Twins as well as many others from danger. You also would be quite the informant with your demonic contract, but I was baffled why you allow the demon to be near the boys. What if he were to-?”

“Sebastian would never do such a thing, your highness. If he were to I already have a stipulation that I regain my former powers and will slay him myself.”
She was a bit appalled she was interrupted, but smiled graciously at the explanation. “My, your contract must be air tight, especially if Sebastian gave back Ciel’s soul to the young man.” She put down her cup, determining William’s worth before giving a smile. “You are not something to toss aside either, Mister Spears. I will have to insist you take my offer to join the Underworld, not only for your business stability, but the stress relief.” She slowly rose to her feet as Will knelt before her, head down. The former reaper was surprising the Queen more than she expected. As he shook his head a little.

“I cannot. I have no abilities, nor skills to keep other’s safe, let alone the energy to keep myself going after work. I do not doubt your judgement, but I must decline such gracious compliments and the luxurious offers. I do my work for the better of humanity as well as the country, not solely for you, your majesty.” He slowly rose before her, giving her a bow as she was stunned to silence. She shook her head and ohhed giving him a hug as William became even more confused. “My, sorry I couldn’t help it. You remind me so much of someone I had lost! Poor Albert!” He sighed as he watched her sob. He was not used to comforting someone like this, especially with the flare of dramatics so much like a red headed co-worker he knew. He softly patted her back, caving into giving her a light hugs as she sighed. “My stiff as ever still.” She chuckled and smiled back up at him before fixing Will’s hair. “I know you aren’t My Albert, but you were fighting alongside him. He told me how you deserted him, but he never blamed you. If you had not done so he would have never made it back home; I do try to give my thanks personally, even if it is to be refused.” She told him and gave a flashy smile that caused shivers to run up his spine. He felt like he was given an ultimatum for his life or to serve her, even without her guards here to protect her. “I have the forms filled out and ready for your signature. I just need your consent and your signature to allow your business, skills, and abilities to be of use to queen and country.” She clapped as Earl Grey rolled a try with a small booklet, book marks indicating where William was to sign as he did so feverishly.

“Ah, one more thing, Mister Spears,” The Queen spoke as she hummed, walking over to pick up a case and personally hand it to William. “I requested a favor from Madam Death, but again it is no small feat and thus a great welcoming package to the underworld, no?” She moved and returned back to her throne as Earl Grey was reading through the signatures, ensuring Will filled it out properly as the Reaper was enamored by his scythe in the case. “Please note that this does not nullify your contract and only give you field reaper abilities. You are not to use it to collect souls, only for combat.” She noted before waving to him. Will was shoved and pushed out before he could say a word, standing outside of the palace gate as it started to rain on him. He sighed and was staring down at the case as he ignored the carriages trotting by him.

“What am I going to tell him when I get home?”
“Tell who what now?”

William jumped into the road as Sebastian had startled him, making him lay down on the wet cold road as horses were stopped. Sebastian was just wide eyed, seeing the reaper on the ground and then backed up seeing the scythe in the pried case. “You cheat! Where did you get that?!” Sebastian shouted, scrambling to get the case first before helping William up. He went back to being cold and distant, smacking Sebastian and yanking the case from him as he started to walk. The demon was stunned, a hand touching his cheek as he just watched the reaper walk in the rain.

“This is just part of the job, work does not require unnecessary emotions; we simply need to finish the task according to superior's orders, subtly, discreetly.” William kept muttering to himself as the rain soaked his clothes. He kept the case tight to his chest, giving a growl as he could feel Sebastian watching him. “Demons are those who use various chances to poke fun at humans, before proceeding to leech whatever comes out as a means of survival. Is that not correct, Sebastian?” He turned down an abandoned alley, glaring at Sebastian as the demon stood there, impeccable and in his butler uniform. “You seduce your prey into darkness with sweet words; you whisper and cajole cleverly, sweetly, softly so that it won’t notice the monster behind the mask and then, you devour it.” He tsked before his scythe was out in his hand, glaring hard at Sebastian.

“Mister Spears, you are quite clever to request an audience with the Queen to get your scythe back.”
“I did no such thing. She gave it to be along with minor abilities in order to serve under her.”
“To exterminate demons?”
“To destroy anyone who gets in our way to better humans.”
“And what of the demon you so fear? Are you going to attempt to hunt them down?”
“What of it, fiend?!?!”

William shot out his scythe as Sebastian sidestepped and charged William, only having to leap and avoid a side swipe from the spear. William was angry attempting to strike Sebastian, only barely missing as Sebastian shortly threw him against a wall. The rain was covering their commotion from the public as the reaper barked at Sebastian, struggling to get his scythe free. He was panting, spitting out ways he was going to harm Sebastian, and shortly released his scythe to grab Sebastian’s head to head butt the beast. Sebastian was taken aback by the brash action from the cool collected reaper, falling to take a knee as William panted, pointing his scythe at Sebastian’s heart.

“You cannot kill me master.”
“I’m not a fool, demon. I arranged our contract in writing specifically to torment the both of us.”

William tsked and collapsed his scythe as Sebastian leaped, head butting William’s chin as the reaper was breathless, cutting his tongue with his teeth and his glasses flying off as he gurgled in agony. The demon watched as the reaper collapsed on the ground, sobbing in pain, fear, most of all anguish. He gave a sigh of relief as he pinned Will’s head against the wall, healing the bleeding tongue much like he had with the cavity. William turned to puke the blood he choked down with his tears and snot, coughing and wheezing as he stared at the blurred wet ground in front of his face.

“Please do remember what I have been telling you about your wish,” Sebastian dropped the reaper’s glasses on the ground as William shook, haphazardly putting them on to watch Sebastian leave the alleyway.

“Demons are those who use various chances to poke fun at humans, before proceeding to leech whatever comes out as a means of survival,” William spoke again and again to himself, treading back to his home. It was quiet, cold and seemingly abandoned. Will took no time to head to the apartment to strip, hanging his wet clothes by the fireplace and starting himself a bath. He felt horrid, weak, and useless. “Demons are those who use various chances to poke fun at anything, before proceeding to leech whatever comes out as a means of survival.” William spoke, submerging his aching body in the warm water. He gave a gasping inhale, filling his lungs with air before submerging himself completely under the water, slowly releasing the air completely out of his lungs.

‘Demons are those who use various chances to poke fun at anything, before proceeding to leech whatever comes out as a means of survival; that includes yourself William.’