So I went in to my phone provider to get my mobile changed into my name because I was a little kid when I got it, and couldn't have it in my name from the start. I asked the guy I was working with if I could keep my credit from the pre paid account and he said yes. So we go through all the procedures and then I ask him again and he says no. I'm sitting there thinking what the hell! He wouldn't give it to me and his excuse was "oh we had to wipe the account". He then sent me off feeling mad and he didn't even set the new SIM card up in my phone despite having one of those sim tools around his neck. I went home and called complaints and they reimbursed me, which is great. But then I find out my new amazingly crap plan won't let me sent or receive credit with others. So I'm thinking this is a really crappy experience and over all I'm not happy, especially when this information was not in the critical information summery, which I studied to make sure I was getting what I wanted. scream So over all I am really mad at the company on a few levels, but they do things like this all the time and get away with it because we as customers just sit here and take it.