Been awhile since I wrote in my journal, but I think that isn't bad. Sometimes you just need a short break from writing things. I enjoy sharing big aspects in my life in my journal like the dog bite incident I had.

Lately, I've been missing my girlfriend Sleepy Dragonite very much. We are both in a real world relationship and we both love each other very much. I actually was in the United States recently. I enjoy remembering the time we spent together, riding our bikes and going out on adventurous days together, exploring local areas and walking LONG distances.

I really feel that she is the one for me. Sleepy Dragonite and I get along so well. I feel really connected to her. It was been 3 months since we've seen each other, but we still spend time with each other every day, which I am very thankful for.

I wish I could spend more time with her but she has a job, and we got alternate timezones. I look forward to September when she'll be visiting me in Germany. It will be great!

I look forward to the future I have with her, and this makes me feel quite happy! Even though I feel happy, she'll always be missed when she isn't beside me.

I love her very much.