A lot of my writing is inspired by music, often whole scenes are based around a specific song. This particular short story is based around the Cradle Of Filth cover of the Iron Maiden song 'Hallowed Be Thy Name.' A slight warning, it contains a few anti-religious comments, and is a little morbid. As always, comments are much appreciated.
A clock chimes in the distance as a man sits in a cold cell. The chill morning breeze blows in through the barred windows, disturbing his final reflections. He sits on the stone floor, his mind wandering over his life. He knows his death is assured, mere grains of sand in the hourglass.
He does not dwell on his crime or his fate. Enough time had been wasted on those topics by now. He smiles as images of his childhood flash by. The prisoner looks through the bars of his cell, realizing this will be one of the last sights his eyes will ever see.
A guard escorts a priest to the cell, and stands at the door as the priest gives the prisoner his last rites. The prisoner ignores the holy man, wondering what good God is to him, if that God decided to have him die. The man does not fear his fate, he knew his death would come. He does not fear the inevitable.
The priest leaves, and time slowly fades away. Silent tears crawl down the prisoner's face to the stone. He is startled to see them, he thought he had come to terms with his end. Now he finds himself wishing for more time, even just a bit. The voices of other men are heard as a guard makes his way to the cell. The others know it is time for some one to meet their appointed fate.
The guard walks to the prisoner, and a scream escapes the poor man's mouth. He meant simply to say he was ready, but the cries tear from his throat as he tries to speak. He tries to tell the guard that it has to be a mistake, it can not be his time yet. He tries to tell himself that it is a dream, that he will soon awaken.
The guard leads him out of the cell, and one of the other prisoners cries out "God be with you!" The prisoner sneers, having decided he has no use for a God that would condemn him so. At that moment, the prisoner finally sees the truth, and his life seems to flee from his body. He is watching, as if from above, as his lifeless body is led out to the Hangman's Pole.
In these last minutes, he does not know fear, simply acceptance. He knows the truth, that his real life is just about to begin, that this bizarre illusion is almost to an end. The rope is placed around his neck, and he does not struggle. He calmly looks out, and speaks his last words. "Hallowed be thy name." The platform falls beneath him, and the noose tightens.
Hope you enjoyed this little story. If I get a few comments, I'll put some of my other music inspired pieces up. Comments and criticism always welcome.