Almost 8 years. It has been nearly 8 years now since I joined Gaia Online and made many of the friends I have on here. What a surprising thing to realize when you as just casually clicking thru the pages. Wow my life has taken all kinds of twists and turns, ups and downs during it but one things has always remained the same. Any time that I am bored, feeling a bit down, or just want to read something I can count on Gaia being an outlet. Though many of the friends that I used to chat with have gone and quit gaia and few of them still remain to this day I linger on. Maybe it's just me not wanting to let go or simply I enjoy RPing on here a bit to much to give it all up just yet. I haven't fully accepted being an "adult" just yet so I will continue atleast on here to keep going as I have since I joined.