Name: Lelia Ithil Armes
Age: 11
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 85
Birthdate: 27th of Veniron
Weapon: Twin swords that were made just for her.
Title: The Graceful Lunar Tempest
Key: The Celestial Moons
Armor: Lunar/Tempest cloak that was Specially made Just for her use.
Appearance: Lelia
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Personality: Lelia is a very talented young girl, she is a fast learner and has great control over her emotions. She can be serious most of the time and is always looking to go on adventures.
History: Lelia Ithil was born on May 27th along with her twin sister Leighna Anor Armes. They have always been close even though Lelia was born under the moon and Leighna was born under the sun. She has three brothers that are triplets.
Kingdom: Lothiriel ( Right Now Lives In Athanasia )
Position: Princess of Quitterria
Other: Lelia has the abilities of Water and Wind, she can use them seperatly or she can use them together and with her swords. Leila is also good at seeing the events that are going to happen or events that have already happened. When she was 7 she was given her very own horse from her parents along with her pup. She named her horse Eclipse and her pup Laisidhiel. Lelia is also a Empath but not as good as her mother or sister is.
Theme Song:

Name: Valauthiel Adiana Carnesir
Title: Jewel Of the Celestial Winds
Age: 16
Wings: Butterfly wings only more faery like.
Element: Valauthiel controls wind and weather.
Birthdate: 7th Of Anwarunya
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 117
Race: Faery
Appearance: Valauthiel
Personality: Valauthiel is a very stubborn young lady but she is also good hearted. She would help anyone that needed help. She is a tomboy which her mother can't stand this but she puts up with it.
History: Valauthiel grew up with her parents and siblings. Her father is the one who taught her to use a bow and many other weapons but she prefers the bow over all the other weapons. When Valauthiel was 14 years old she meet a guy when she was outside of the village by herself, ever since then she has loved him and still does. Her mother taught her how to be a graceful young lady but Valauthiel didn't really like the lessons she needed for becoming a Queen one day but she would rather just dress like a boy and explore the world around her.
Kingdom: Athanasia
Weapons: A Bow that was designed just for her use.
Position: Princesses of Athansia
Armor: She doesn't have any Armor but with her wind she can shield herself from attacks.
Other: Valuthiel is in love with Thorontur although her family doesn't know of it yet.
Theme Song: Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson

Username: Jorjiana
Name: Driten Jaire Armes
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128
Birthdate: 16th of Apsennial
Weapon: He has a sword called Runeblade that was made for him By a mage when he was just thirteen years old. With the different runes he can use many elements with his sword.
Title: The Ember Whirlwind
Armor: A Rune Cloak that was designed for him. Just like his sword he can use the elements.
Appearance: Driten
Hair: Light Red
Eyes: Green
Race: Elf
Personality: Jaire is a serious young man always wanting to become more stronger by training harder and working at it. He loves to try new things. His favorite Element to use would have to be Fire, so he has become really good at handling that one. He wants to be a knight but hasnt yet been able to tell his mother that this is something he wants to do, so he has been training in secret among the other knights.
History: Jaire was born second of the triplets on the night of the sixteenth of Apsennial. When he was just ten years old a mage told him and his brothers that they have a destiny that they must fullfil, he didnt really understand what he meant by that, each of the triplets were trained by a mage and thats how he learned how to learn the different runes. He has become a very strong knight in training and will soon be able to go out and fight with the others.
Kingdom: Lothiriel
Position: Knight In Training / Prince Of Lothiriel and Quitterria
Other: He has the ability of a strong empath though this is a secret he keeps to himself.
Theme Song: The Rasmus - Shot