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random stuff from a disturbed mind >=D
random stuff i wrote down. mostly poems and the like.
As I was walking along,
I saw a labourer with a stick
and a couple of dogs;
fear brimmed the animal's eyes.
For they were treated as things,
not creatures.
From birth to death they bowed,
to man's tyranny;
and were used carelessly.
As if such mute calmness
could not house a soul.

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we meander through our lives thinking we are significant, thinking that our lives mean something. We go about our meaningless ways in sheer ignorance of the total insignificance of our very beings. We are nothing but dust on this giant rock hurtling through an indefinate universe. its sad how we let little inconveniences get us upset. Your wife may forget something, and you go off on her. Getting all upset and screaming at her. but its all right, You'll get back together and hey, make up sex is great right? So you stay mad, for no reason. Then on the way home from picking up her kids she gets in an accident cause she's so stressed over the fight she didn't notice that the car in the left lane was merging in front of her. Now she's dead, and for what? cause of some stupid argument. We should avoid silly, petty arguments/fights cause life is too short to spend it belittling our fellow man. We should be grateful to be alive cause it can all end tomorrow.

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i believe that this planet is kinda like a living identity. And that we are like fleas to it in a metaphorical way. But the more fleas on a dog, the sicker and sicker the dog becomes. thats what i think. it makes me sad that when i look around all i see is pavement, houses, cars. there are fewer and fewer trees and feilds and forests. that like makes me soo sad that soon there will hardly be any places like that left. and that is when im most comfortable is when im in places like those. i like to close my eyes and listen to nature and sometimes meditate. i cant meditate here, but i can only if im outside but i havnt done it that often so far and im kinda regretting it since now the colder weather might be coming in (dunno when tho lol) i dont know i just feel sad for the earth. im not that religious but i kinda feel that the earth is an entity. maybe like a goddess or something. giving us life and all. and we are just taking it for granted and killing her sad it makes me soo sad! but what can i do?

I made you look
at the heinous crimes of war

The very acts of belligerence
that taint the atmosphere
of societies core

I made you look
at decietful reasoning
and specious propaganda

Spewing from
the painted campus
visages of power that corrupts

I made you look at faded pictures
of your sons and relatives
creased by countless viewings

and wonder
if it was all worth it

I made you look
as the ashy cloud billowed around me
radiant ribbons of sunset
weaving about me
in my final dance
of protest

Do you have the Courage?
To stand up for peace?

Poems and Stuff
First some poems i did today in class!

Poem 1:
A young girl screams.
Lightning dances across the sky
her short life ends,
She didnt want to die.

This beast hasnt had its fill.
This evil omen of false promises
and malicious will.
This beast of harlot

Jaws rip flesh from bone
Eyes gleam red
A little boy wont be coming home
blood drips from fangs.

How do we kill this beast?
To end his reign of terror.
To defeat his gory feast
to end his violent fervor.

Can justice overcome?
No, this beast shall not die
You may ask yourself why,
Its simple, this beast is you and I.

Poem 2:

So fragil the human mind.
So mallable and contorting.
One may never find
The answer of how to conqur their emotions

A young girl
a gleaming metal blade
meets warm flesh

Another life needlessly ends
because of emotions
that too often take control of us
but old wounds mend.

Hatred grows
a friendship betrayed
anger arises and controls
you reap what you sew

To overcome emotion
to triumph over hate
countless lifes lost
to our anger, our fate.

Poem 3:

Darkness engulfs me
hatred and anger arises
feeding off my lonliness
only darkness do i see

Every loving act
of kindness i see
fuels my anger
and proves my way is fact

I begin to hate everyone
that hate turns to rage
i isolate myself, living in a cage
darkness befriends me

Betrayed once again
one last time
unforgiving hate burns
my life at the end of the line

Sick of the pain i've felt for so long
that once made me feel alive
darkness fast aproaches, by my will this time
blood, the only color ive seen in along time
As i die, i realize, i've been dying all along.

thats all for the poems, now some philosophy

War is hell. that we all know, it is well known. However grisly it may be it is necessary for a culture to preserve itself. But most wars have been fought over meaningless squables, like my god is better than your god! oh yeah? Well my god has a bigger d**k than your god! See? It is human nature to destroy, like what we're doing to our home, the earth. We're gonna kill ourselves, we're our own cause for exstinction. But stupidity is common with our species...

I have dreams, just like anyone else. However supose u cannot awake from that dream? How would you determine what in fact was a dream, and what was reality? How can i tell if im awake or dreaming? When i cant tell if im dead and remembering or alive and dreaming. How would you tell? How do you determine what in fact is reality? By what you can feel or touch? If that is true, then reality is nothing but senses, which can easily deteriorate over time and are not reliable in the least. Everything can be called into question, nothing is certain but death. But then suppose that death is not death. Suppose death is what we call it when we awake? Maybe we are asleep throughout our lives, and when we die in are dreams, we awake to a new world? The point is that there is no way to tell what is reality. And if that is questionable, then how can we tell if we truley exist? Perhaps we are just a dream, a vision of a superior beings subconcious?

Life is a charade, we get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, start over again, lather, rinse, repeat. Why do we continue to seek out tempory riches? Why do we try to outdo one another and then proceed to shove it in our neighbors face? Do you ever see a u-haul following a hearse? No because we seek out temporary acomplishments to make us feel important. But in the end it doesnt even matter. Although it remains undetermined what happens when we die (although there have been LOTS of theories!), one thing for sure is that you cant take all the s**t you amassed in your lifetime with you.

So, the only thing to do is to try to live life to the fullest, as though everyday is your last (i know its cliched but its a sound idea!), and just enjoy the ride.

Another thing is the damn media brainwashing us into believing that thin is beautiful. Do u think we are born with that idea in our heads? no we learn it and accept it without question. This pisses me off! I personally prefer bigger girls myself although personality comes first. girls are supposed to have curves, not the bodies of 10 year old boys! And i dont feel sorry for anorexics at all. its not a disease, its bad self image that makes them feel fat even though they're 60lbs. I find that disgusting and it makes me sick. Girls u shouldnt watch wat u eat and count calories. that is no way to live. do wat feels right because life is way too short to worry bout things like that. but thats just my opinion.

And to end on a bright side, here is An interview with jesus!!
If ur religious and get easily offended, walk away right now!

I: How are you, Jesus?

J: Fine, thanks, and let me say it's great to be back.

I: Why, after all this time, have you come back?

J: Mostly nostalgia.

I: Can you tell us a little bit about the first time you were here?

J: Well, there's not much to tell. I think everybody knows the story by now. I was born on Christmas. and actually, that always bothered me, because i only got one present. You know, if I was born a couple of months earlier i would've got two presents. but look, i'm not complaining. after all, its only material goods.

I: There's a story that there were three wise men.

J: Well, there were three kings who showed up. I don't know how wise they were. They didn't look very wise. They said they followed a star. That doesn't sound wise to me.

I: Didn't they bring gifts?

J: Yes. Gold, frankincense, and I believe, myrrh, which i never did find out what that was. You don't happen to know what myrrh is, do you?

I: Well, i believe it's a reddish-brown, bitter gum resin.

J: Oh, great. Just what i need. What am i gonna do with a gum resin? I'd rather have the money, that way i could buy something i need. You know, something i wouldn't normally buy myself.

I: What would that be?

J: Oh, i dont know. A bathing suit. I never had a bathing suit. Maybe a Devo hat. Possibly a bicycle. I really coulda used a bicycle. Do you realize all the walking i did? i must'be crossed Canaan six, eight time. Up and down, north and south, walking and talking, doin' miracles, tellin' stories.

I: Tell us about the miracles. How many miracles did you perform?

J: Well lieaving out the loaves and the fishes, a total of 107 miracles.

I: Why not the loaves and the fishes?

J: Well, technically that one wasn't a miracle.

I: It wasn't?

J: No, it turns out a lot of people were putting them back. They were several days old. And besides, not all those miracles were pure miracles anyway.

I: What do you mean? If they weren't miracles, what were they?

J: Well, some of them were parlor tricks, optical illusions, mass hypnosis. Sometime people were hallucinatin'. I even used accupressure. That's how i cured most of the blind people, acupressure.

I: So not all of the new testament is true.

J: Naah. Some of the gospel stuff never happened at all. It was just made up. Luke and Mark used a lot of drugs. Luke was a physician, and he had access to drugs. Matthew and John were okay, but Luke and Mark would write anything.

I: What about raising Lazarus from the dead?

J: First of all, he wasn't dead, he was hungover. I've told people that.

I: But in the Bible you said he was dead.

J: No! i said he looked dead. i said, "Jeez, Peter, this guy looks dead!" You see, Lazarus was a very heavy sleeper, plus the day before we had been to a wedding feast, and he had put away a lot of wine.

I: Ahh! Was that the wedding feast at Cana, where you changed the water to wine?

J: I dont know. We went to an awful lot of wedding feasts in those days.

I: But did you ever really turn water into wine?

J: Not that i know of. One time I turned apple juice into milk, but i dont recall the water and wine.

I: All right, speaking of water, let me ask you about another miracle. What about walking on water? Did that really happen?

J: Oh yeah, that was one that really happened. You see, the problem was, i could do it, and the other guys couldn't. They were jealous. Peter got so mad at me he had these special shoes made, special big shoes, that if you started out walkin' real fast you could stay on top of the water for a while. Then of course, after a few yards, badda-boom, down he goes right into the water. He sinks like a rock. That's why i called him Peter. Thou art Peter, and upon this rock i shall build my church.

I: Well, that brings up the Apostles. What can you tell us about the Apostles?

J: They smelled like bait, but they were a good bunch of guys. Thirteen of them we had.

I: Thirteen? The bible says there were only twelve.

J: Well, that was according to Luke. I told you about Luke. Actually, we had thirteen. We had Peter, James, John, Andrew, Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, that's a different James, Thaddeus. How many is that?

I: That's ten.

J: Simon, Judas, and Red.

I: Red?

J: Yeah, Red the Apostle.

I: Red the Apostle doesn't appear in the Bible.

J: Nah, Red kept pretty much to himself. He never came to any of the weddings. He was a little strange; he thought the Red Sea was named after him.

I: And what about Judas?

J: Don't get me started on Judas. A completely unpleasant person, okay?

I: Well, what about the other Apostles, say for instance, Thomas, was he really a doubter?

J: Believe me, this guy Thomas, you couldn't tell him nothin'. He was always asking me for ID. Soon as I would see him, he would go, "You got any ID?" To this day he doesn't believe I'm God.

I: And are you God?

J: Well, partly. i'm a member of the Trinity.

I: Yes. In fact, you're writing a book about the Trinity.

J: That's right, it's called Three's a Crowd.

I: As i understand it, it's nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on the Holy Ghost.

J: Listen, it's not an attack, okay? It happens i don't get along with the Holy Ghost. So i leave him alone. That's it. What he does is his business.

I: What's the reason?

J: Well, first of all, he's a wise guy. Every time he shows up, he appears as somethin' different. One day he's a dove, another day he's a tongue of fire. Always foolin' around. I don't bother with the guy. I don't wanna know about him, I don't wanna see him, I don't wanna talk to him.

I: Well, let me change the subject. Is there really a place called hell?

J: Oh yeah, there's a hell, all right. There's also a heck. It's not as severe as hell, but we'be got a heck and a hell.

I: What about purgatory?

J: NO, I don't know about no purgatory. We got heaven, hell, heck, and limbo.

I: What is limbo like?

J: I don't know. No one is allowed in. If anyone was in there it wouldn't be limbo, it would just be another place.

I: Getting back to your previous visit, what can you tell us about the Last Supper?

J: Well, first of all, if I'da known I was gonna be crucified, I woulda had a bigger meal. You never want to be crucified on an empty stomach. As it was, i had a little salad and some vieal.

I: The crucifixion must have been terrible.

J: Oh yeah, it was awful. Unfless you went through it yourself, you could never know how painful it was. And tiring. It was very, very tiring. But i think more than anything else, it was embarrassing. You know, in front of all those people, to be crucified litke that. But, I guess it redeemed a lot of people. I hope so. It would be a shame to do it for no reason.

I: Were you scared?

J: Oh yeah. I was afraid it was gonna rain; I thought for sure i would get hit by lightning. One good thing, though, while i was up there i had a really good biew; i could actually see my house. There's always a bright side.

I: And then three days later you rose from the dead.

J: How's that?

I: On Easter Sunday. You rose from the dead, didn't you?

J: Not that i know of. I think i would remember something like that. I do remember sleeping a long time after the crucifixion. Like i said, it was very tiring. I think what mighta happened was i passed out, and they thought i was dead. We didn't have such good medical people in those days. It was mostly volunteers.

I: And, according to the Bible, forty days later you ascended into heaven.

J: Pulleys! Ropes, pulleys, and a harness. I think it was Simon came up with a great harness thing that went under m toga. You couldn't see it at all. Since that day, i been in Heaven, and, all in all, i would have to say that while i was down here i had a really good time. except for the suffering.

I: And what do you think about Christianity today?

J: Well, i'm a little bit embarrassed by it. I wish they would take my name off it. If I had the whole thing to do over, i would probably start one of those Eastern religions like Buddha. Buddha was smart. That's how come he's laughing.

I: You wouldn't want to be a Christian?

J: No, I wouldn't want to be a member of any group whose symbol is a man nailed onto some wood. Especially if it's me. Buddha's laughing, meanwhile i'm on the cross.

I: I have a few more questions, do you mind?

J: Hey, be my guest, how often do I get here?

I: Are there really angels?

J: Well, not as many as we used to have. Years ago we had millions of them. Today you can't get the young people to join. It got too dangerous with all the radar and heat-seeking missiles.

I: What about guardian angels? Are there such things?

J: Yes, we still have guardian angels, but now, with the population explosion, it's one angel for every six people. Years ago everybody had his own angel.

I: Do you really answer prayers?

J: No. first of all, what with sun spots and radio interference, a lot of them don't even get through. And between you and me, we just don't have the staff to handle the workload anymore. In the old days we took pride in answering every single prayer, but like i said, there were less people. And in those days people prayed for something simple, to light a fire, to catch a yak, something like that. But today you got people praying for hockey teams, for longer fingernails, to lose weight. We just can't keep up.

I: Well, i think we're about out of time. I certainly want to thank you for visiting with us.

J: Hey, no sweat.

I: Do you have any words of advice?

J: You mean like how to remove chewing gum from a suede garment? Something like that?

I: No, i mean spiritual advice.

J: Well, i don't know how spiritual it is, but i'd say one thing is don't give money to the church. They should be gibing their money to you.

I: Well, thank you, Jesus, and good night.

J: Well, good night, thanks for having me on here today. And by the way, in case anyone is interested, bell-bottoms will be coming back in the year 2015. Ciao.

Shyanne Skye
Community Member
Shyanne Skye
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