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Haggis of Scientology
This morning, I stumbled across a particular news feed on Yahoo. This Haggis guy left the church of Scientology because his minister (I guess that's what he was--either way, not the point) didn't rebut the church in San Diego for voting against giving gays the right to marry after ten months, and after he said he would rebut them. He is brave because the church of Scientology is really a cult of sorts, and often have harsh consequences. The guy's wife couldn't even talk to her parents after they were thrown out of the church for (what I hear) was a stupid reason altogether.

Now. Underneath the news feed were nearly a million people saying 'My anatomy class didn't teach me wrong... a man has a penis, a woman has a vagina... you don't need religion to tell you homosexuality is wrong...' and, 'Nobody likes gays, lesbians and bis anyway... so get over it...' and the ever popular, 'Scientology is just a stupid cult built by a science-fiction nerd and Christianity says homosexuality is wrong anyway, so why is this a big deal? Why did this make the news?'

I am so tired of people being so unhappy with themselves that they have to attack another for their beliefs. Just because you are bored and angry doesn't give you a right to attack others. Get a hobby, you sorry sacks of doo doo. Gays should have never been DENIED the right to marry, let alone have to fight for it. More people rally with PETA than they do for gay and lesbian civil rights. We are not a different breed of people, you morons. We are human, just like you. We bleed, we laugh, we cry, we feel sorrow and love, and life is so f*cked up... if we happen to fall in love with someone of our own gender, it doesn't make us disgusting or immoral. It makes us lucky to have found someone who completes us. If you don't like it, look away, turn the channel, or better yet, hole yourself up in a cave and die.

As people, we don't always like loud music, or cursing, or nudity, or even stupid things like grapefruits and the smell of wet asphalt, but we deal with it. That's life. You ignore it, the same way we have had to ignore stupid straight people getting oral sex in the movie theater, smacking lips on the street, seeing guys squeeze girls' butts... if you can get lost in doing it yourself, fine, but don't ask us not to do the same thing. You're not better than us and you never will be, and if you believe in hell, you are the one who is going to burn there because you hate something your lord never had a problem with in the first place.


Grandma got DRUNK!
LoL... so yeah. I had to carry my grandma in the house because she was so wasted. LOL! I'll mess with her about it forever XD Also, Marie's kitty had kittens! Hurrah for the new grandma! (And you look pretty good for a grandma, too!) Hey hey now... congratulate her! blaugh

Here we go again...
Yesh. Tomorrow is officially my last day of high school. I'm excited somewhat. I love to stay at home and stay up all night writing on random stories I shall never publish ^_^; Go figure. Another wierd thing about me o_0 I have to sing the school song, the star spangled banner, and I have to write a speech for graduation. JEEZ! What do these people want from me? I guess they're getting me back for not participating all the pervious years. *sigh* Head up, chin high. heart

So. Highschool is almost over. Whoo, I guess. Prom is next week, the ACT is this week, so I am busy. Whoo, I guess. Gaia online is awesome! EEEEWHOOOOO! And I loves my Marie for introducing me to it ^_^ rofl And I am an insane person. Go figure. o_0 This ends the totally random session of Tiffany's random journal.

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