DAMN did anybody else feel that?!?? A few hours ago there was a big earthquake here in Southern California. It was HUGE, srsly. It stretched as far as San Diego and Los Angelos, and even in Las Vegas.
It was round 11-11:30 am and I was still half asleep in my bed (I stay up and sleep in very late during the summer) staring at the ceiling when it happened. We live in a pretty old 1-story house, so sometimes I here a small cracking noise or two like a cat jumped on the roof or something. But when that earthquake hit, dang! It sounded like a freakin Transformer just landed on the roof or something! Everything was shakin rly hard and I was afraid the house was gonna collapse so I grabbed my phone and my lucky keychain and got the hell outta there, into the frontyard.
The only ones home besides me were my uncle and my chihuahua and theyd already been in the backyard at the time. My sis was at Soak City with her friends but they're alright, there were no accidents. As for here at my house, a few picture frames tipped over and in the corner where my grandma keeps all her precious documents and photo albums almost all of the vases where knocked over and destroyed. Like, broken into a bunch of tiny pieces kinda destroyed.
That was probably the scariest moment of my life...besides that one 4th of July when those military jet planes flew literally a few yards above the house. That freaked me out.
Me and Jordan (Naxord) have been callin all our friends to make sure they're safe. Almost all of them are all right, I think one was injured, but I think he's ok. And also by callin everyone I discovered that Bryan (ColetteSama3) was in Alaska. Why am I the only one who wasnt told about this??? Jeez.... stare
It's times like these when you realize how dangerous living in Stupid Sunny California can rly be. There was some humor in this incident tho. My mom had been sitting at her desk at work watching Ocean's 13 (don't ask why, I hav no clue), and quote: "Right when Brad Pitt said, 'Hit em hard' it happened." For a second she actually thought it was part of the movie! xd

Well, that's all for know. I'm still shakin and scared from this whole incident so I'm gonna go rest a while talk2hand