Reposted. =D


Your Fave Color: Blue!
Your Fave Animal: Do I need one? Fine...Golden Tamarin Lion Monkey.
Your Fave Movie: Back to the Future heart
Your Fave TV Show: Doctor Who.
Your Fave Song: They're Coming to Take Me Away
Your Fave Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Your Fave Manga: Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Your Fave Shampoo: Vanilla. heart
Your Fave Store: Borders, Hot Topic, Suncoast, or Barnes and Nobles
Your Fave Bug: I don't know?
Your Fave Emoticon: ninja or domokun
Your Fave Card: Ace of Clubs!
Your Fave Jewelry: My skull bracelet I got at Terror behind the Walls, Friday October 6th, 2006. <3
Your Fave Sport: Soccer! >w<
Your Fave Candy: That's a hard choice. Do I have to tell? Anything with chocolate so far. sweatdrop
Your Fave Holiday: Christmas or Halloween.
Your Fave Food: Changes too much. =o
Your Fave Drink: Water!
Your Fave Hobby: Writing. heart
Your Fave Flower: Erm?
Your Fave Stone: Sapphire.
Your Fave Cereal: None.
Your Fave Scent: Dun have none. They make me sick to my stomach. mad
Your Fave Art: Uh..... sweatdrop
Your Fave Place: Basement on my compy, or somewhere with me friends.
Your Fave Time: Night. =D
Your Fave Weather: Rain or snow!
Your Fave Book: Too many?

Who is...

Your Best Friend: IRL Jody! Online, Nya!
Your Lover: I've never even had a crush?
Your God: To tell you the truth, I don't really care.
Your Imaginary Friend: Do the many anime characters in my head count for anything?
Your Partner in Crime: My partner in crime, Maggie. twisted My co-evil person who will take over the world with me, Jody.
Your Muse: The many anime characters living inside my head? Erg...Fine...Shoko, Yuki, Dessie and Vincent. 4laugh
Your Opposite: Mira! domokun
Your Enemy: Anyone who gets in my way.
Your Rival: I dun have one yet.
Your Savior: I can take care of myself you idiot!
Your Stalker: I think Nya stalks everyone. ninja
Your Obession: Maes Hughes! heart heart heart And! Back to the Future! heart heart And! Maggie. heart

What is...

Your Worst Fear: Hospitals. Thanks a lot to all you guys in the Meikai. I get the creeps whenever I step into one. gonk
Your Best Dream: I'm asleep when I dream, so how would I know?
Your Future Spouse: Come back in 20 years and you might know.
Your Job: pirate Apparently, I'm a pirate on the weekend! =D
Your Goal: Take over the universe, Out stalk Jiwin, Finish writing my stories, Get less homework, Get online more, Become a better artist and writer. Doy.
Your Passion: Writing of course!
Your Weapon: Dictionaries, Binders, books, pencil cases, and anything else I can get my hands on! RAWR! twisted domokun
Your Worst Fault: Taking everything seriously, bad grammar. 4laugh Being hyper in the morning.
Your Best Trait: I wouldn't know.

Pick one...

Sweat or Hoodie: Hoodie
Waffle or Pancake: Neither
Black or Blue: Both mrgreen
Rain or Snow: Both I like both!
Blood or Water: Why all these hard questions? I choose both.
Money or Love: heart Love heart
Pirate or Ninja: ninja Ninja! ninja But... pirate The Pirate's super cool! pirate
Water or Air: Both. ninja
Book or Game: Book.
Gun or Sword: Gun!
Fairy or Bat: Neither. But they're both cool I guess...
Cat or Dog: Bunnies!
Rose or Tulip: Neither.
Night or Day: Night!
Heaven or Reincarnation: I prefer being brought back to life after death, but that aint ever gonna happen, right? sweatdrop 3nodding
Right or Left: Right.
Singing or Dancing: Neither nor?
Walking or Running: Walking.
Flying or Laserbeams: Flying.
Up or Down: Front or Back? Left or Right? This or that? Life or Death? Light or Dark? You get my point now?
Forest or City: City.
Justice or Crime: Both. To have one, you need the other, ne?
Moon or Sun: Pluto and Mercury.
Creation or Destruction: To have one you must have the other. I shall quote Dark.

You can't have one without the other! As Alex Louise Armstrong demonstrated, Destruction is followed by Creation, and Creation is accompanid by Destruction, and....*Goes off on a rant*

Gotta love FMA fans. heart
Orgainized or Messy: Messily Organized. 3nodding
Hugs or Kisses: Depends.
Cold or Hot: Cold.
Dragon or Unicorn: Dragons!
Bath or Shower: Shower.

((Decided to switch around my answers because I got bored. xD))