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So in recent time I've been feeling a bit sad, sometimes depressed. It's not because of just one thing, but due to many things over the course of events. After being a recent college graduate and having found graphic design jobs in my field that have come and gone I feel like maybe (just maybe) the whole sitting behind the cubical job isn't for me. It's already been a year and having moved from Orange County to Inland Empire, and back again to Orange County I can honestly say moving is a real pain in the ass when it comes to jobs.

At least I know I can always count on good ol' Victoria's Secret! Having ben a bra specialist for about four years (with no promotions) it's a steady one set income. I know there is going to be something more, but like Tiana, you do have to put in some work of your own in order to make your dreams come true.

So why all this babble?

It's time for a battle plan of action.
I'm thinking one of two things will happen from my behalf within the next five to six months. A. Get my teaching credentials, or B. Enroll into a graduate program for to receive my masters in an art related field.

With my student loans being at least 350 a month, I have to make the education I have worth something. After all life is about moving forward, not backwards.

I'll have to keep my head up and take this one baby step at a time.
Thanks for tuning in, if you are and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as to which one you think I would best choose to follow down the righteous path of careerdom. Remember to be nice, as I am not here to judge others myself.