It's my life, my graduation and my reaction that I am free to experience, so ******** you.
I can cry at my ******** graduation if I want to.
Do you even understand the extent of what these past 6 years have even meant to me?!
High school was a haven. My home away from home. The place where I allowed myself to get better and worse and all sorts of in between, and where I've been growing up and developing for what feels like a lifetime.
Unlike the potential majority, I never wanted to leave.
I just wanted to mourn and welcome the ending and the beginning of my life, but no... Even when I justify my reasoning, you don't understand.
And I don't think I actually want you to understand Mum.
But at the same time, it hurts.

******** the people who ridiculed me and loudly whispered "gay" as my form class returned to our seats.
******** the people who didn't appreciate VCE, who weren't even sure why they were still there and who never gave a damn about just how much the school had provided them and were so glad to be graduating, never acknowledging just how lucky they were to be under the care and supervision of brilliant staff and an even more so inspirational principal.
And ******** you Mum.

You keep lecturing me insinuating that I'm such an ingrate, but I'm not completely. I acknowledge all you've done for me, and am glad because I realize things could have been so much more worse... but at the same time, I acknowledge all the pain and suffering you have caused me (albeit unintentionally sometimes...) and cannot put that behind me.

I was so happy Ma...
You didn't ruin my day completely... but I was just so happy. . .
Why won't you hardly ever let me just be?