My RolePlay Characters.

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Uni
Species: Unicorn Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: User Image
Weapons: Horn, he doesnt like to hurt others.
Power: Use healing magic's, return life to dead creatures, cleanliness, turn into a Unicorn.
Brief History: His Unicorn mother died when he was quite young, than his demon father took him it, though he seemed to dispise him. His father had forced very unpleasent things to happen to the poor boy, and as a result, Uni has mental scarring. His father eventually died, leaving him alone at the age of 17. He was than alone to roam the world on his own. Though, compared to his life before, roaming the world was quite pleasant.
Preference: Gay

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Wrong
Species: Worm Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Claws, Teeth
Power: Tunneling, Anti Gravity, Dark Magic
Breif History: He was orphaned as a child in his home dimension, though he was soon taken in by his previous master: Spolcyc. Spolcyc trained him in many fighting styles and magics among other things.
Preference: Gay

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Ajax
Species: Chameleon[sp?] Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: -Coming Soon-
Weapons: One reverse blade katana, and one double edge katana. Teeth, tail, claws.
Power: Blend into surroundings, climb walls/walk roofs, Super Speed.
Brief History: He doesn't remember any of his child hood, due to amnesia. He only remebers the ages between 17 and now. He would wander the streets, stealing anythign he so desired.
Preference: Bi

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Xavier Stragoff A.K.A. Techno
Species: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: User Image
Weapons: Experimental Gun
Power: Connect to any mechanical System within seconds and hack almost instantly.
Brief History(optional): Nothing is known about him, except he used to be a member of The Ace Of Spades. He walked out on the group and now wanders.
Preference: No Preference

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Slyth
Species: Cow Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Appearance: 3"3' -Picture soon-
He has scars covering his back, but the most noticable is one running the length of his spine.
-Small Cows- User Image
Weapon: Hooves, Kunai, Shuriken
Power: Make unlimited little tiny cows come to his aid, Powers unknown to even him -come out during times of need-.
Brief History: He had a very nice childhood untill only a few months ago his parents and everyone else on the farm he lived on were killed by a lycan. The only survivors were him and a few chickens. After a few weeks of wandering the countryside a slave trader captured him and sold him to whomever wanted him. Even though all this has happened he is a very happy child.
Preference: Bi, Prefers Male.

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Dracard
Species: Shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: -Coming soon..-
Weapons(optional): Electric Chakrams
Power(optional): Control of electricity
Brief History(optional): When he was a child he watched his parent get brutally murdered by the man he had soon to call master. The master kept him for his unique shapeshifting abilities, as he could change himself into a mechanical device if he so wished it. He hated the man he had called master almost his entire life and had recently killed him.
Preference (Bi/Straight/Gay): |- Has No Liking To Men Or Women -|

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Spolcyc
Age: Unknown
Species: Cat Demon/ Vampire/ Dragon
Sex: Male
Weapons: Anything his mind can convieve, his claws, his fangs, tail and wings.
Powers: Telekenetic, Psychic, Unlimited Chakra, Shapeshifter, Instant Teleportation.
Brief History: 3 Years ago he lost his memory and remembers almost nothing. He remebers his slave Wrong and that he is Heir to the throne of Hellios, His home dimension. His father is Lucifer and on many occations his father has tried to kill him. He is the third born but Lucifer killed the others. Though he has recently returned from his Dimension after killing his father. Which has now made him the knew ruler of his dimension and the new Satan.
Preference: Gay

Gaia Name: [Die]
Name: Dr. Marcus Spiff
Species: Genetically Mutated Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: User Image
User Image <- Rare to see
Weapons(optional): Medical Tools
Power(optional): Control of Fire, Lighting, Water. Telekenesis. Have as many scalples as he so desires to come from his body.
Brief History(optional): When he was only 5 his parents had planned to kill him because of his "Split Personalities", though there is a much darker truth to the personalities. Though when his parents tried to carry through with their plans, he killed him with his own father's scalple. He was than orphaned and grew up alone, unloved by everyone and everything. When he was 14 he started to conduct experiments apon himself, which caused his body to change and grow stronger.
Preference (Bi/Straight/Gay): Gay

Gaia Name- Tegain
Name- Spolcyc Lyno
Age- 20
Gender- Male
Weapon- Long Katana
mutant abilitys- Teleportation [He vanishes than the air shifts a bit and a very small wind is created], Control of Fire[Creates it and manipulates it], Shapeshifting [Into anything/anyone]
Country or State-Alberta, Canada
Appearance- User Image
short Bio- When his family found out about his abilities they tried to kill him. He escaped his families grasp and ran away, orphaning himself for a few years. When he was 16 he accidently killed his best, and only, friend. Since then he has been quite and has always kept to himself.

Gaia Name: Tegian
Name: Nick Andros
Species: Bunny Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: -Coming Soon-
Weapons: Claws, Bow+Arrows
Powers: Healing, Shift into a small bunny, Jump incredibly long distances.
Brief History: He was born without eardrums or vocal chords, making him a deafmute. Dispite his 'handicap' he learned to read and write as well as read lips.
He is very short and has a small voice, causing people to often mistake him for being around 10 or 11.
Preference: Gay