Dorian Fallyn Hale
faction: werewolf
appears 17yrs
Details: 5'6, 110lbs, lean curvasious body. Deep green eyes and alabaster skin. Short spikey Dark brown hair. Wear skin tight black pants, lace up black boots, black corrset top and leather jacket. Has wolf print tattoo on V of stomach.
Weopns: two switch blade knives, Berreta, her fists and feet.
History: The sky was cloudy that night. The smoke from our fire came up the chimney in large pillars. My Brother Ronan and I played outside the cottage. We lived outside off all the human towns, we had to humans had a fear for the creatures of the moon. My parents had been transformed into werewolves before my brother and I where born. We tried to live civilized lives. I was 17 and my younger brother only 11. Ronan ran in circles around me laughing, then i heard something far off horses in the woods right outside our cottage. I smelt the cool night air and my body stiffned, Bloods.
"Ronan, get inside the house now." I cried, Damned Vampiers
My father ran outside the house my mother close behind him.
"Dorian, Ronan get inside ," he cried his body and my mother convulsing into their primal forms. I ran inside grabing my brother by the arm. We hid underneath the bed. Silence filled the night when suddenly we heard the horses and their riders and the fierosious growl of my parents. Streams and snarls lappsed each other and then there were wimpers and howls of pain.
"No," I wipered. Ronan clung to my arm and tears fell from his eyes. The door came crashing inward and two armored Bloods entered our home. Outside I saw the bodies of my parents still in Wolf form.
"Mommy," Ronan cried and before I could stop him my brother came to his too early dimese. My body convulsed, the blood within my veins ran cold and a snarl that could not be described erupted from my throat. I burst from under the bed and destoyed those that killed my life.
Civilized, I use to be. I still hold those of my kind in high favor and i do not feel any malace toward humans. However now I have much more....experience.