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Queering Up Everything: The Life: The Journal
Using this mostly to record my eternal questing.
Gifts and their messages
I often get little notes with gifts, so i'm listing them here, along with the item

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This was unexpected. You watched as a turkey ran across the front of your yard, a beautifully wrapped present hanging from a ribbon from the bird's beak. A boy, in his late teens and wearing a jersey, raced after it frantically. Amused by the commotion, you stepped through the front door and outside.

"Stop! Mister Turkey, please stop!!" the boy shouted, arms outstretched, "I need that back!!"

You glanced at the running turkey again; he must have been referring to the present that the bird had. Off to the side, a girl you had not noticed sighed as she watched. Her hair was the same shade as snow and her clothes were that of ages passed. You wondered for a moment if she was part of a Thanksgiving re-enactment. A sudden gobble like shriek tore you from your thoughts and you watched as a sudden flurry of feathers flew up into the air as the boy finally tackled the turkey. In sudden renewed fierceness, the turkey struggled with unexpected agility and strength out of the boy's grip. In cruel revenge, it pecked him in the hand before taking off once more.

"Ow..." The boy sat cross-legged on the ground and stared at the peck mark on his hand.

"At least it dropped the present." The girl said as she came to his side and picked it up.

"Remind me to never try petting a wild ghost turkey again," The boy glared off in the direction the turkey had gone.

You approached them and asked if they were all right. The guy nodded and stood up, "Yeah. I'm just happy we were able to get the present back. Do your thing, Phantom." He said to the girl.

She laughed at the way he had phrased it and with a smile handed the slightly dirty present to you. "We just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. My apologies about the commotion we made~"

Surprised, you took the present. They went through all that for you? Glancing down, you saw your name written in elegant calligraphy on top of the present. When you looked up to speak, the two had vanished without a sound. You looked around for them, but they were nowhere to be seen. All that was left was the present in your hand and the haunting sounds of a gobbling ghost turkey running rampant in the distance...

--- Phantom Anon

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Like a thief in the night...
He came by moonlight...
There was no wind...
Not even a gust...
But give you a gift...
That he must...

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You clutch your coffee in your left hand as you fix your scarf with your right, as you walk down the snow covered streets. The streetlamps illuminate the cold winter air, so the street looks like a row of soft, glowing fireflies. Looking over to your left, you see a small brown corner popping out of the snow. You put your coffee down and dust off the wooden box. The top lid is engraved with beautiful precision, and when you shake it, the box makes a light trinket jingle. Rubbing your gloves together to regain heat, you try to open the box, but its sealed, which is odd because you see neither a lock nor a keyhole. To your surprise, the box lets out a hazy flurry of light, illuminating the following words: The seal to the treasure will open on Christmas. You stuff the small wooden box into your bag and pick up your coffee. You think you should wait until Christmas.

Slick Southpaw
<3 A little something for you to open at Christmastime c;

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You looked hungry. Don't ask me where I got this.

-The Garbage Fairy

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I always see you in GCD and you are so kind to people :] have this sweet treat for a sweet person

A-awww. crying Thank you so much, anonymous! I really appreciate the sentiment!

A present from Gift-Bot 800.

Merry Christmas! (open on Christmas &�& wink
guess the emote got broke sweatdrop

Community Member
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