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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
The burying, the sneezing and the spinning...
So, not too long after I posted my last entry, February decided to ramp up the craziness quotient somewhat.

Taina's grandmother in Rotorua (his Mum's Mum) had been sick for the last few years.
In fact, not long after Taina's brother Vinnie passed away in 2014, his Mum moved up there to Rotorua and stayed there for quite a long time, looking after her Mum. At the time for her it was a combination of wanting to look after her Mum, but also feeling she needed to get away from her home in Petone, full of memories of Vinnie. But it meant Taina's Dad was stuck back home on his own, and she wasn't able to come and visit as often as everyone hoped.

Anyway, once Taina's youngest brother Shyro and his partner Carol had their baby,
River, a year or so ago, Debra came back home to spend time helping them with the baby, and also spend time with the rest of the family. Her mother, Taina's grandmother, was still sick, but it was being managed okay.

But then about two or three weeks ago, it seemed she was getting worse, so Debra headed up to Rotorua again. A day or two later, Taina heard word that she was in a hospice. An hour or two later, we got the message she had passed away.

So the day after Waitangi Day, Taina and I drove up to Rotorua for his grandmother's tangi.

It was the second tangi I had been to, the first being the one when Vinnie died. This second time, it was a little easier, because I had met some of the extended family before, and I knew what to expect a bit more. But still, tangis aren't my favourite things to attend.

Anyway, on the Friday afternoon, once the ceremony and the burial were done, I drove back home. Taina stayed up until Saturday, as there were some fun family stuff planned and he wanted to party up with the cousins and stuff. Fair enough, but I wanted to get home with plenty of time to sort stuff out and get back in a relaxed headspace before work on Sunday. So I headed back alone.

The long-distance driving was nice. It made me realise I would like an excuse to do it more often, like maybe I should plan a short trip away somewhere later this year for me and Taina, drive somewhere, like maybe Taupo or somewhere and just hang out for a few days, stay in a motel or something.

I got home in the evening, and felt bizarrely energised, so I unpacked everything and then started tidying and cleaning a ton of stuff around our flat just for the heck of it. It was a nice feeling, seeing everything in order and cleaned thoroughly.

Taina was originally getting a ride back with his Dad, who had borrowed a van to take several family members up together, but due to his Mum changing her mind at the last minute and coming back in the van (she had originally planned to stay up a little longer in Rotorua) the van was too full and he was stuck on a bus coming home instead.

Still, he got home Saturday night, and then Sunday was back to a normal day at work. At least normal, aside from the fact that by the end of the day me and Taina both had sore throats. Yep, we had both caught colds.

The timing was not at all great. Two days after our colds started, it was Tuesday 13th, the day for me and Taina to fly up to Auckland for our Bleachers & Paramore concert.

We weren't too sick, although my ears were hurting a lot on the descent on the plane, which tends to happen when I have blocked ears and sinuses.

Auckland was also bucketing down with rain, which made things harder. But still, we had all day Tuesday and Wednesday to spend in the city, and so despite the rain, we filled it up with fun things. We went to a food court/entertainment complex in the city- we'd been there before, back in 2014 when we went up to Auckland for Jess and Luke's wedding we went to see a movie there. It was a handy little complex- we filled in time eating at various food places, seeing movies at the cinema (on Tuesday we saw The Greatest Showman, and on Wednesday we saw Coco), and we also did the mini-golf downstairs, and this cool maze thing.

The maze thing was a little bit similar to this one I went to back in 2009 with Brennan in Surfers Paradise. You walk through different rooms and stuff, with different crazy things happening. There was a mirror maze part, there was a room packed full of balloons (this was Taina's favourite room), there was a creepy jungle area where you had to crawl under stuff to get through and various other rooms with weird effects and cool stuff.

Definitely recommend going there if you are ever in Auckland and the weather turns really bad.

The other thing that of course filled our time was the concert. Well, perhaps the hipster in me got a little carried away. We got there, and most of the crowd were teenagers or people in their 20s, and heaps of people were wearing Paramore shirts and stuff...but noone was wearing a Bleachers shirt. So I was that person, who went to the merchandising stand and bought a Bleachers shirt, and then when I got into the crowd inside, tried to get as far forward as possible when Bleachers came on, and then probably annoyed the people around me by singing/shouting very loudly along to the lyrics of all the songs and jumping up and down a lot.

Well, you know. It was important to me that Jack Antonoff could see he had at least one die-hard fan who was there to see him, not just wanting to see Paramore.

In some ways it was nice that me and Taina didn't care as much about Paramore though, because once the Bleachers set finished, we retreated out of the crowd to one side and just watched the Paramore set calmly from behind the crowd, and it was nice, and easy to absorb the skill of the performance. I have to say, Hayley Williams is an amazing singer both recorded and live, and that's a difficult thing to pull off so I was impressed.

A lot of their set was newer songs, so we weren't familiar with some of them, but I got into it a bit when they played the older songs from the Riot album.

It was also the first concert I had been to that didn't have strict restrictions on recording and cellphone usage, so I filmed a ton of stuff from both performances and kept just loading stuff onto Facebook throughout the night for the heck of it.

At the end of the night, I was amazed that I somehow hadn't lost my voice. Given I normally lose my voice at concerts due to screaming and cheering and singing too loudly, plus I already had a sore throat because of my cold, I have no idea how I didn't end up losing my voice at all.

Also, random question. What's with the young people at the concerts nowadays? I remember when I was a teenager the in-thing at concerts was the moshing thing- people jumping up in down in unison in a big, sweaty mess of a moshpit. But now...nothing. Those kids barely raised their arms in the air, let alone dare to jump around. I was jumping during some of the Bleachers songs and I could almost feel the stares of the people around me, like "Who's this weird 30-something-year-old lady, getting excited over this indie hipster band I've probably never heard of?"

Anyhoo, so we came back Wednesday night, and then finally it seemed like time to go back to regular routine again. But it didn't last.

My cold drained all my energy. I made it through the Thursday at work, but spent my weekend doing very little because I was exhausted, and then Sunday I left work and went home sick because I felt like a complete zombie. Monday I was back at work, but still struggling through, and then Tuesday I was finally feeling like my normal self again, except for minor runny nose and slight coughs now and then.

Then Wednesday morning, I woke up, and I felt weird. Like dizzy. Things were spinning slightly as I got out of bed and walked across the room.

I assumed it was because I had just woken up, and because I was hungry, so I pushed myself through, getting ready and then drove to work. The driving seemed okay, except for sudden waves of dizziness whenever I turned my head to check my blindspot.

I got to work, and definitely decided something was up. Walking around was making me dizzy as heck, and slightly nauseous. Even sitting down, things seemed...shimmery? Like not quite steady, almost not quite real?

Mark arrived at work and I described my symptoms, and he was concerned, and got me to lie down on the floor in the spare test room to see if that helped. It did...while I was lying down. But as soon as I stood up again....yep, the spinning started. And it was getting worse.

Mark convinced me to call my doctor and try and get an appointment, so I did, but the earliest they had was for 2.15 in the afternoon. I was not in a capable position to work though, so Mark convinced me he would be okay without me, and I drove home.

Yeah, the drive home was not as easy as the drive in. The spinning and tilting was a bit freaky and nauseating, and I ended up vomiting on myself.

That's the second vomiting-while-driving incident I've had. I'm so sorry, car.

The doctor told me it could be either Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV), or Labyrinthitis, but he felt it was unlikely to be Labyrinthitis, due to the fact it didn't seem severe enough as I had been able to walk around the get to the appointment and able to stand up and sit down and stuff without getting freaked out or vomiting.

So he figured it was just BPV, with the occasional side effect of vomiting, and prescribed me anti-nausea pills and sent me on my way.

However, it got worse.

I went to bed early, just after dinner, as the spinning and dizziness was tiring me out, but when I woke up at around 11pm and got up to go to the bathroom and come back, well everything was spinning and tilting like crazy and I could barely manage the walk without falling over and had to hold onto everything I could.

It messed me up so much, that when I got back to bed, shortly after...yep, you guessed it. I threw up.

The next day, Thursday, I woke up early, because I was meant to have an earlier start at work than usual. However, as soon as I woke up and things spun almost in a completely 360 just as I tried to sit up in bed, I knew work was a no go. So I texted Mark to say I was still too sick.

That day at home, it was so bad. I couldn't look at my phone for more than a few seconds without feeling sick. Lying down, I felt sick. Standing up, everything spun around and around in circles and I felt sick. I took the anti-nausea pills, but I still had a vomiting incident at lunchtime, and that was after a couple of hours of sitting as still as humanly possible, staring at the TV and trying to avoid any movement at all.

I ended up watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. What else can you do when you are paralysed on the couch?

Now the reason I had meant to be starting work early yesterday (Thursday) is that I had arranged to swap my work shift with Cameron, so I could finish early. This was because I had seen ads on Facebook for a free event at Penthouse cinema in Brooklyn, for the Fertility Associates Wellington. I had signed me and Taina up to go, and I really didn't want to miss it, because I really felt we needed to do whatever we could to help get this baby-making thing underway.

So despite feeling appallingly ill, and realising I probably actually had this more severe labyrinthitis thing rather than BPV (especially as Taina has been diagnosed with BPV in the past, and his symptoms were a bit different and not constant like mine), I was still determined to go to this Fertility Associates thing.

So, knowing that driving probably wasn't a safe option, me and Taina walked to the train station, caught a train into Wellington, walked across to the bus stop, caught a bus to Brooklyn, then went to this event for a couple of hours before repeating the process to get back home.

Ordinarily, simple enough process. But in the condition I was in? Oh my god.

So the best way I can think of to describe my condition is this: imagine the drunkest you have ever been. Now imagine you are that level of drunk, and you are standing on a boat during a storm, that is knocking the boat around all over the place, and that you are going through this continuously, without a moment's break, for two days, and sometimes you have to walk around and do basic things while this is all happening. It's pretty insane.

And yet, I'm glad me and Taina went to the event.

They had these couple of doctors, experts in fertility, who chatted about stuff, things to do and not do when trying to get pregnant, the process of getting professional help, things they test for, treatments you might be able to get, stuff like that.

It definitely made me feel more optimistic and less hopeless than I've felt for quite a while.

And then, the best thing ever this week, was waking up this morning.

I woke up, I rolled over in bed...and the room didn't spin. I lay on my back, and stared at the ceiling...and it was still, not moving.

I got up, went to the bathroom, felt 95% normal. Only the occasional slight twinge of dizziness. The rest of the day has been like this too: not an absolute 100% cured, but almost.

It was amazing. You don't appreciate how great it is to be able to walk down the street, until you can't do it because everything is tilting and spinning around rapidly. You don't appreciate the simple act of standing up and sitting down, until it becomes something you dread because you think it will immediately cause you to vomit.

Gosh, I really hope this is the end of it, and I don't have to go through this....labyrinthitis, or BPV, ever again.

So, back to normal now, you ask?

Well, not exactly.

So tomorrow, I am meant to be heading up to Auckland (again) with Dad and Jill to go to the Summer Shakespeare thing me and Dad have been going to these last couple of years.

Sunday morning, flying back to Wellington earlyish in the morning, and then straight to work.

Then next week, Jill is hosting a big party for Dad for his 65th birthday. Which reminds me, I still need to get him a birthday present.

And then in other news, I got a letter in the mail today, saying I have been selected for Jury service. I've kind of always wanted to be chosen for Jury service, just to experience what it is like, so I was quite pleased actually, but there could be tricky things to work out with how it fits in with work, and pay and stuff.

So I guess 2018 is going to be a busy little year.

Oh, and that cold still hasn't completely gone away...

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