─Basic Character Information─

Username: Kitsaeraelin
Character's Full Name: Fukumayaa Satchanmura
Alias: N/A
Age: 201
Birthday: July 22nd
Zodiac: Cancer (Cusp)
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O negative
Sexual Orientation: Asexual turning curious
Disabilities/Phobias: PLMD (Periodic leg movement disorder), Nocturia, BPD

(Borderline Personality Disorder), APD (Avoidant Personality Disorder)
Gelotophobia, Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, Nomophobia, Pediophobia, Entomophobia.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 281 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandy/light brown-ish
Tattoos/Markings/Scars: N/A
Unusual Features: Hair flaps that refuse to stay down.

─Personal Information─

Personality: Yes, she has one, no you won't readily find it without digging for it. Seems fairly tolerant, almost to a fault.
Hobbies: Experimental Electrolysis
Favorite Color(s): Black, grays, earthtones
Favorite Activities: Daydreaming
Favorite Foods and Drinks: Cream cheese danish, water.
Other Personal Likes: cool weather, rain.

Least Favorite Color(s): Most hues of pink.

also unpleasant.
Least Favorite Activities: Socializing, being questioned or interrupted, and generally being patronized.
Least Favorite Foods and Drinks: Onions, peppers, and soda.
Other Personal Dislikes: Flirty men, flirty women, anything provocative or
revealing. People with "non traditional names" of any kind. The "holier than thou" or
"white knight" personalities, and body hair.

Personal Possession(s): A backpack that she managed to save up enough for for when a then friend went on leave to the human world. It's kind of dingy, but durable and reliable. It holds nothing but memories thus far.
Personal Secret(s): Occasionally doesn't wear undergarments.


─Zanpakuto Information {Sealed}─

Zanpakuto Name: Okiniiri
Zanpakuto Appearance: Okiniiri is a kodachi in appearance and form, having a simple

black, slightly elliptical tsuba. The handle is wrapped in an aquamarine cording. It is

worn traditionally at the left hip, tachi style.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Okiniiri is in contrast to its wielder, appearing as a very

rotund and naked male with only stubs for legs and oversized arms. It appears constantly

grinning, though this is only the way the mouth is shaped, and the inability for its lips

to close fully. When manifesting, this appearance is the same, but it wears an oversized

leather poncho. Inside the inner world, it is unabashedly naked.
Inner World: A construction site of several buildings. Everything and everyone

appears naked, but lacking any specific bits. (think ken and barbie dolls)
Basic Zanpakuto Attacks/Powers: Okiniiri has the power to stick people, like a

shiv....if they get within range and don't see it coming.

─Zanpakuto Information {Shikai}─

Shikai Incantation: "Dream"
Shikai Appearance: In its shikai form, Okiniiri is shaped closer to a man-catcher, but with several extended spikes sticking out every way from its T-shaped head. This leads people to making it closer to a two handed morningstar than a true man-catcher.
Shikai Abilities: Aside from its obvious abilities to whack people from range something fierce, it acts as an antenna. It soaks up excess emotions across a battlefield and stores it in the shaft.
Shikai Techniques: A not yet named attack that inflicts the standard melee damage one might expect, but it transfers all of its current charge of emotion to the target. For example, in a large drawn out battle, despair might be a permeating emotion. If Okiniiri absorbs it to its maximum of three charges, the result may transfer a sense of despair upon the target. If said target is already experiencing despair, it simply adds it upon the existing amount.

The problem this ability has is it draws from its wielder first and foremost. So if Murohka is not despairing, or feels inspired to attack by the now charged weapon, it will begin absorbing that new emotion and causing the previous "charges" to be discarded.

Additionally, to have any effect, the weapon's head must strike and actually penetrate into the target. If it fails to do so, the charge (if any) is retained, but will not transfer until a wound can be caused. Given its wielder's almost overwhelming lack of physical prowess, most of its usefulness comes in on support lines.

[strike─Zanpakuto Information {Bankai}─

Bankai Name:
Bankai Incantation:
(Some like their Zanpakuto's with this, others do not. Its completely optional.)
Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance {While Bankai is Active}:
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Attacks/Abilities:

─Kidō Information─

Bakudō Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Bakudo, up to what number and with what skill.)
Hadō Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Hado, up to what number and with what skill.)
Yusō Chūdō Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Yusō Chūdō, up to what number and with what

Kaidō Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Kaidō, up to what number and with what skill.)
Shien Hōhō Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Shien Hōhō, up to what number and with what

Hybrid Techniques:
(Can your character perform any hybrid kido techniques? List which ones, and how well if

Forbidden Kidō:
(Is your character one of those rare few that have mastered Forbidden Kido? List which

ones, and how well if so.)

─Physical Information─

Hohō Level:
(The ability your character has with Flash Step.)
Hakuda Level:
(The ability your character can perform in Hand to hand combat.)
Zanjutsu Level:
(The ability your character can perform in swordsmanship.)




Love Interest:
Other Relations:

─Professional Status─

Previous Affiliation:
Previous Occupation:

─Skills Information─

(Please actually describe how this, and the following stats are.. Seeing how high stats

seem to vary from person to person, like immense speed could be one moving faster than

most people can see, while for another it could leaving countless after images that

completely confuse an opponent.)
Athletic Skill:

Any Special Skills:
(Unusual skills your character may have that make them unique from others, well more


─Other Information─

Character Theme:
(Anything that wasn't covered in the Skeleton that you'd like to include.)